Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 886

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Sean was ready to go back to his room,novelxo and Patrick was self-conscious enough to stay and
take care of Cordy.

‘ Patrick,” Sean suddenly called out to him.

“What is it?” Patrick asked.

‘Where are you staying?”

“Here, of course. I’ll stay wherever Cordy is, and I can take care of her at night as well. You know she
can’t move around freely with the state of her legs,* Patrick said, as if it was only natural.

“No, you’re staying at a hotel,” Sean rebuked him sternly.


“It’s not up for negotiations.”

“You just don’t want us in the same room, do you?” Patrick growled, a little irritated.

“Of course. There should be proper social distancing between men and women.’

Patrick gnashed his teeth in annoyance; although he had yet to earn his title, he wasn’t about to leave
the hospital.

Making up his mind, he said to Sean, ‘Til sleep at your ward.’

Sean stared at him incredulously, and Patrick flashed an evil grin at the former. “What’s the matter?
novëlxo You’re not going to turn me down when I’m just trying to take care of you, right?”

Sean kept an impassive look as he said, “Whatever.”

He strode off, while Patrick looked on smugly as he left.

What a kid-did Sean think Patrick would be deterred so easily?

Cordy was speechless as she looked novelxo at the smug look on Patrick’s face too, but simply lay
down to sleep.

The instant she closed her eyes, however, she saw John unconscious on his bed…

Meanwhile, John was removed from his ICU.

He felt like he had been sleeping for a long time, nØvelxo and only woke up to find that many things
had changed.

The doctor checked him from head to toe, novelx.o ensuring that he was fine before sending him back
to the standard VIP ward.

At the same time, Nana also woke up, having survived the most critical period. She was already asking
to see him.

The Lynds had arranged it so that she was staying right next door to John, probably knowing that Nana
would never leave him.

John entered Nana’s ward to find her lying in bed, novëlxo looking feeble like a candle in the wind, her
face stark white.

Her eyes flooded with tears as novelx.o soon as she saw him, and she murmured softly, “Lucas…”

She was too feeble to talk, but she still used every strength she had to call out to him.

“Yeah,” John replied.

“Thank goodness you’re alright…” Nana teared up, filled with emotions.

“Why are you crying, Nana?” Keith rebuked her sternly. “You just cheated death! The doctor said you
should be staying calm, but look at you! I won’t let you see Lucas if you keep acting like this.”

“No!” Nana snapped angrily.

“Okay, okay, I was just joking. You can see anyone you want. I’ll even buy you the moon if you want it,
okay?” Keith comforted her lovingly.

“Dad, I want to talk to Lucas alone.’

Keith shrugged feebly. “Chicks always have to leave the nest, I guess.”

He gestured for everyone else to leave, novelxo and clapped John on the shoulder heavily as he did.

It was both a reminder and a threat.

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