Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 889

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John ultimately left Nana’s room, but she wasn’t letting go of his hand even in her sleep.

He had to firmly pry her fingers off, not caring that he seemed to wake her when doing so.

He turned and headed outside, his feet seemingly weighing tons.

The last three years suddenly felt like a dream; yet even though he had woken up from it, he was
unable to escape.

He paused just outside a ward.

He had no idea that Cordy was staying in that ward, and was simply taking a stroll on a whim.

Yet he ended up here anyway, and he couldn’t leave once he arrived.

He stood outside the door, watching as Cordy got out of bed and into the wheelchair beside it.

Dicky was just typing the password on his laptop when he heard the commotion. He turned towards her
and asked, “Mommy?”

“I’m fine on my own, don’t worry,” she told him softly, not noticing the man at the door.

She just slept for a while, though that was a lie—too much was weighing on her heart and suffocating
her, so she wanted to relax.

But even that would make her miss John more.

In fact, she couldn’t help wanting to see him again now and stay with him every waking moment.

She was about to wheel herself out when she saw Patrick sound asleep on the couch, exhaustion
registering on his face.

He really had been sweet on her, and there were times she truly felt a soft spot for him.

She returned to her bed, pulling the blanket off it with considerable effort, and gently laid it over him.

He sensed it and wiggled, murmuring, “Don’t worry, Cordy. I’ll always be at your side… Cordy…”

Cordy felt an aching in her heart.

After all, he was still flesh and blood. If there was anyone whom she owed anything in this world, it was
definitely Patrick.

Alas, she couldn’t reciprocate his feelings.

After laying the blanket on Patrick, she turned and headed towards the door, only to see John standing
right there.

She thought she was hallucinating for a moment, and was actually afraid to get close in fear that she
really imagined it.

They stared at each other for a while, until Dicky broke the silence.

“Lucas! You’re awake?” Dicky ran up to John excitedly, leaving the laptop.

John studied Dicky, noting that the boy had grown much taller in just three years.

He nodded. “Yeah. Been up a while, too.”

“How are you feeling? Are you sick? Did the doctor allow you to walk around?” Dicky asked in concern,
his delight nonetheless irrepressible that his father was fine.

“The doctor said that everything’s fine.”

“That’s great! Mom and I were so worried. Mommy kept visiting you, y’know?” Dicky told John excitedly.

John’s pupils turned towards Cordy, and found her eyes welling with tears of joy.

“Yeah,” John replied, turning back to Dicky.

Cordy bit her lip.

It was a subtle gesture from John, but she sharply noticed that he was being distant towards her.

So, he gave in to Nana even if he did save Cordy with his life.

“Aren’t you tired? Want to come in to sit a while?” Dicky invited John eagerly, eager to hang out with

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