Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 888

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John could’ve stayed indifferent to Nana—if she never tried to save him with his life.

However, if he could stay unmoved when she didn’t hesitate to protect him in the face of a mortal
threat, he would be completely inhuman.

And yet, saying yes to her also meant abandoning his previous life.

Cordy’s face appeared in his mind at that very moment; he suddenly felt as if he was stabbed in the
chest, unable to breathe.

He had regained his memories, suddenly remembering all his past in a split second.

It turned out that he really was John Levine, the same man who earnestly loved Cordy to a fault.

Alas, when he woke up to that fact, he was already someone else’s fiance.

When John and Jessica got on that boat rigged with explosives, he fought back once he ensured that
Cordy and Dicky were safe.

It turned out that Jessica still had one iota of humanity, despite her terrible cruelty-she didn’t order her
bodyguards to die with her, and it was just her and John who got on the boat.

And since it was just two of them, that made things easy.

However, John had underestimated how much Jessica was prepared to die. The explosives triggered
the instant he leapt out of the boat, and the shockwave sent him flying into the sea, unconscious.

When he woke up, he found himself in an unfamiliar hospital with no recollection of anything.

His family were complete strangers to him back then; though now, he realized that they really were

He had no idea how he turned into their son; perhaps he could find out the real reason when they come
to the capital in a couple days to attend his and Nana’s wedding.

“Lucas,” Nana called out to him again, though refraining from pushing him to say yes.

Instead, she said, *1’11 love you for the rest of my life. You’d definitely realize that I’m the one who
loves you the most in this world.”

“Just rest,” John didn’t answer her directly, and she was smart enough not to push him anymore.

Right now, she didn’t have to resort to anything radical—emotional blackmail was enough.

She was surprised that Cordy’s accident helped her instead, as she had been worried that Lucas-or
rather, John-would annul their engagement.

She had no idea how long threatening John with suicide would work, or if he would really abandon her
for Cordy’s sake.

For the time being, John bore a lot of guilt towards her. Even if he could get over that, he would be
scorned by many if he left her now.

Even Cordy probably didn’t expect Nana to come out on top from this accident; that made Nana feel all
the more cathartic.

Still, she maintained her pure and innocent facade as she asked, “Are you leaving if I fall asleep?”

“Just sleep.” John avoided responding to her directly again.

Nana tamely complied-he was marrying her one way or the other, even if he didn’t feel comfortable
about it.

She didn’t have to get petty now. Plus, being magnanimous would only make John feel even guiltier
towards her.

With that, she closed her eyes and slept comfortably.

John stayed in her room, but not to keep her company. He simply had no idea what he should do at the

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