Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 891

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Cordy suddenly said, “It’s alright. You can take your time to consider it. I’m in no hurry.”

There was a smile on her face, even as she stubbornly restrained the tears in her eyes.

She could wait-she wouldn’t mind waiting for a couple of days, as it was nothing compared to the years
she waited.

She understood John; anyone in his shoes would hesitate.

Most importantly, Nana was no pushover; hell, she just might be smarter and more ruthless than
Cordy’s sister Noel. Not to mention, Nana was better at manipulating a man’s heart.

It was only natural she had leverage against John.

And with those words, Cordy prepared to turn and leave.

“Cordy.” John suddenly stopped her.

Cordy’s heart skipped a beat; suddenly, she was afraid to confront his response.

After all, she was merely avoiding the problems when she said she could wait and could afford him
time-now, she wasn’t completely confident John would choose her.

“I’m afraid I’d disappoint you again,” John said, his voice clearly restrained.

Cordy felt like her heart suddenly shattered.

So in the end, he chose Nana and was rejecting her.

In reality, she didn’t have to feel upset-his recent actions had already made it very clear, and she was
already prepared for it.

But when he actually said it, the sadness she felt in return still caught her off guard.

Still, it didn’t mean she had to give up.

“We can face this together,” she said. “I admit I was arrogant before, that I didn’t want to get involved in
someone else’s relationship and refused to be a third-wheeler. But now, I’ll set my principles aside
because I love you.”

John averted his eyes, for they were welling with tears; he didn’t want her to see the emotions in them.

“Lucas,” Cordy said, reaching out to him; her fingers brushed against his fingertips, and she saw that
his fingers were shaking ever so slightly.

He clearly had strong feelings for her, but was doing his best to repress them.

She held on to his hand tightly, the familiar touch therein all too memorable in their minds.

“Let’s face this together, okay? Don’t leave me like this…not when this is worth fighting for,” Cordy
continued, staring at him dolefully.

John refused to look into her eyes, because he really might get caught in her emotions.

Once he relented, he would remember Nana. Now, he was familiar with her; it was no empty threat
when she threatened him with suicide, and she really could kill herself right in front of him.

Moreover, she saved him.

John had never been this hesitant, even if he didn’t love Nana at all.

She simply had all the leverage to blackmail him emotionally, preventing him from ignoring her

Before John could respond, he heard a frail voice calling out to him.


Cordy and John turned, only to find Nana standing at the doorway of her VIP ward.

John narrowed his eyes.

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