Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 892

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At that very moment, Cordy held on tighter to John by instinct, not willing to let him leave and go to
Nana’s side.

John’s fingers twitched in turn, naturally sensing the pressure in Cordy’s touch.

However, he didn’t push her away.

He could never do it.

“Lucas, we’re getting married soon…” Nana’s voice remained soft and feeble, as she calmly told them
about reality with an expectant look in her eyes.

Even so, John refused to go to her.

He wanted to stay with Cordy, and love her and her alone for the rest of his life.

Be it before and after his amnesia, or after he regained his memories, he only ever loved Cordy.

All he felt towards Nana was only responsibility-but at a level that could crush him.

Nana, upon seeing that John wasn’t coming over to her, and that he wasn’t pushing Cordy away and
was holding her hand firmly, flashed her usual innocent smile; this time, it carried a hint of reluctance.

She slowly walked towards John, saying, “It’s fine. If you won’t come back to me, I’ll come to you.”

Nana stopped right in front of him, and tried to pull Cordy’s hand off him.

However, Cordy stubbornly held on tighter to John.

No one could make her let go-be it Nana or anyone else!

Nana, who was enfeebled in the first place, couldn’t muster any strength to her wrist.

She gave up, and said, “Lucas and I are engaged, Cordy.”

“You forced him.” Cordy looked her in the eye without flinching.

“You’re imagining it—”

“You know very well who he loves. novelx.o Feelings can’t be forced, and coercing him like this won’t
make you happy.”

“That’s my business, and it’s not up to you to teach me! And don’t you think it’s inappropriate that
you’re holding on to my fiance like this?” Nana snapped, irony lacing his tone.

“Fiance?” Cordy scoffed. “Do you know who he actually is before that?”

“I don’t have to know,” Nana retorted stubbornly. “For me, Lucas will always be Lucas, even if he
changed. And he will be with me for the rest of my life!”

“What if I told you I insist on taking him with me?”

“You’d never be able to,” novel.xo Nana said staunchly and confidently, even reaching out to take
John’s other hand as she did. “Lucas, you just promised to sleep with me. You shouldn’t break

Nana started to pull him along; yet he refused to budge, seemingly having made his choice.

Nana laughed despite herself, finding herself laughable.

So he refused to novelxo care if she died even if she did it for his sake, and would rather stick to

Was everything she did pointless to him?


She never lost once when it comes to claiming ownership of everything and anything she desired.

It was no infatuation she had towards Lucas-she was madly in love with him, and therefore would not
allow anyone to take him away.

She said very slowly and clearly, ‘ Lucas, do you really want to watch me die?”

John reacted ever so slightly to that, and Cordy felt it too.

“Don’t you think it’s despicable, novelxo threatening him with suicide?” she snapped.

“No, because I’m not joking around.” Nana smiled with considerable composure. “On the other hand,
are you willing to lay down your life for your love?”

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