Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 893

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Certainly, Cordy wouldn’t lay down her life for just about anyone.

That was being irresponsible to her own life; plus, she wasn’t despicable enough to threaten someone
with her own suicide.

“In other words, your feelings for Lucas don’t compare to mine!” nØvelxo Nana smiled even broadly,
her scorn even more obvious.

“That’s not love-that’s selfish obsession. You have no idea what love is.”

“No! I love Lucas more than anyone else, and I can’t live without him,” Nana retorted, looking Cordy
straight in the eye. ‘You can still live happily without Lucas, so don’t try to take him from me, okay?
Spare my life.”

“Your life is your own and has nothing to do with anyone else’s. Don’t try to threaten me with emotional
blackmail,” Cordy said coolly, immune to Nana’s pity party.

“But I’m not.” Nana smiled faintly, turning back to Lucas. “We’re just distant relatives and ultimately
strangers—how novëlxo could I threaten you? I’m just threatening Lucas.”

As John stayed dead silent, Nana pressed, “Let go of Cordy now, or I’ll be a corpse the next time you
see me.”

John glared coldly at her, his eyes bloodshot.

Nana, however, did not seem to feel his rage at all. In fact, she was actually smiling beautifully at him.
“I’ll count down from three, and then leave without looking back.”



Just like that,novel.xo John let go of Cord/s hand.

Cordy felt her heart being cut to the quick, but this was simple reality— whether John loved Nana or
not, he couldn’t abandon her; that made him vulnerable to Nana’s despicable threats.

And Nana had to be insane enough to die, just to have him all for herself.

“Let’s go back to our room, okay?” Nana smiled smugly, since hiding her true nature was unnecessary

She claimed Lucas in the most despicable way possible, but she didn’t care —her only concern was
that Lucas belonged to her.

She held out her hand in front of Lucas, waiting for him to take it.

John stared coolly at her hand that was so pale, it seemed not to have a drop of blood underneath.

Nana didn’t hurry him, and quietly waited for him to take it.

Amidst the stalemate, John slowly raised his hand…

“John Levine.”

Cordy spoke up at that moment, saying his real name.

As John’s fingers twitched as she continued, “Don’t go with her. Her death is on her, and has nothing to
do with you. novelxo You shouldn’t feel threatened at all, let alone deny your feelings because of her!”

“I’m not denying your feelings. I’m giving all my passion to you!” Nana’s eyes flashed determinedly.

In her mind, Lucas lost nothing because she loved him, and that was the best for him.

Refusing to wait, she reached out to take John’s hand.

John avoided her touch, clearly denying her control.

Nana’s face dropped right there and then.

“John…” Cordy called out to him again, feeling a hint of hope.


“I’m sorry, Cordy.’

Cordy thought she heard her own heart break.

In the end, John abandoned her again.

And with that apology, he no longer hesitated and left with Nana, even though he refused to touch

In the end, he chose Nana.

Cordy* s tears started gushing out without control, and she watched as John strode off into the

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