Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 895

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The ward was suddenly dead silent, and even the air seemed to stagnate.

Both Sean and Patrick were gaping at Cordy, wondering if they had misheard.

“Lucas Lynd is John Levine,” Cordy repeated very slowly and clearly.

Being the calmer one, Sean regained composure soon enough. “How didyou know?”

“Parental test,” Dicky suddenly said, seemingly noticing that his mother was in a bad state as well.

As Sean turned towards him, Dicky explained with logic and in no uncertain terms, “Lucas looks
different from my father, but everything else about them was identical. I’ve been with Daddy since I was
a kid, so I’d know that it really is him. I did one parental test just to make sure, and Mommy eventually
realized it too and did another. Both tests proved that he’s my daddy.”

Sean was silent for a while. “So that parental test… It’s not you and Dicky? It’s Dicky and Lucas?!”

“Yes.” Cody nodded.

Sean was ultimately stunned. “But shouldn’t John be dead? I even made inquiries to certain private
sources! His chances of survival are almost zero.”

“And yet, he’s alive,” Cordy replied staunchly.

“In that case, why is he living as someone else? Why didn’t he return to you when he’s alive?”

“We suspect amnesia,” Cordy replied.

Sean was silent again, putting the pieces together as he summarized, “And because he’s John, you
can’t get over him.”

Cordy nodded silently-she would never go that far for anyone else, just as she wouldn’t love anyone
else other than John.

Sean didn’t know what to tell Cordy, but looked up at Patrick just then to see that he looked more
miserable than anyone else.

It wasn’t surprising, since Patrick would be one who got the worst hit amongst them.

“I need some time alone,” Cordy said after a while.

It never coursed her mind to ask for their opinion or support, since no one could decide on this for her.

When it came to a relationship, it was up to people involved to decide if it was worth it.

“I’m going back to my room, then. Just give me a shout if you need me,” Sean said.


Sean turned to Patrick just before he stepped out. “Aren’t you leaving too?”

Patrick pursed his lips, but slowly left with Sean.

Both men returned to Sean’s room. Patrick planted himself on the couch, staying motionless as if

He was always so talkative, but he wasn’t saying a word now, spacing out even as he reclined against
the couch.

Sean didn’t disturb him-Patrick probably needed time to accept the reality that John was still alive.

Patrick knew all too well that nothing would happen between him and Cordy as long as John was alive.

Instead of bothering Patrick, Sean asked a care worker to buy some drinks and snacks. He put
everything on the dining table in his ward, and started to eat alone.

“Are you crazy? You’re drinking in that state?” Patrick snapped furiously; it took him a while to realize
what Sean was doing.

Sean simply chuckled without saying anything, even though Patrick was clearly snapping at him.

One must never get petty with a man who was just dumped, after all.

In fact, he gestured invitingly. “Care to join me?”

Patrick walked over, standing opposite him and demanding, “Did the doctor say you can drink?”

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