Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 894

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Cordy opened her mouth to speak, but swallowed her words. What could she say to stop him anyway?

She couldn’t threaten John with suicide, because she wasn’t that despicable.


As John and Nana disappeared from sight, a familiar voice sounded beside her.

Cordy had no idea when Patrick arrived, how long he had been there, or how much he had seen.

She couldn’t say anything at that moment.

“I’m taking you back to your room,” he told her, and wheeled her around.

That was when Cordy saw Sean as well.

They must have arrived together, staying behind and quietly watching her misery.

She couldn’t control her tears, and kept crying despite the irony of it all.

When they returned to her room, Patrick brought a box of tissues to wipe her tears for her, but she
refused and took the box instead.

She slowly calmed down, refusing to let Dicky see her being vulnerable.

She always appeared invincible, and rarely showed how she truly felt to others.

It was after a long time that she finally stopped crying.

When she did, she became immeasurably calm, as if nothing happened just now at all.

“I told you to give up on Lucas before,” Sean said after ascertaining that she had calmed down.

When Cordy didn’t respond, Patrick butted in, “When did that happen?”

He was asking when Cordy fell for that man.

He had been chasing her around for three years, but he couldn’t match a man she just met for three

He could accept that he lost to John Levine, that he couldn’t replace that man even if John was as
dead as a doornail.

But Lucas Lynch? What gave him the right? How was he better?!

There was an order to things, and it should’ve been Patrick!

“Don’t butt in,” Sean snapped at Patrick, a little impatient.

“How could I not? This concerns my happiness for the rest of my life! I don’t get it, Cordy-if you can
accept a man other than John, why can’t you consider me?!’ Patrick ranted with rising agitation.

Sean was scowling, and threatened, “One more word, and you’re out of this hospital.”

“What the—”

“And I never compromise,’ Sean glowered.

Patrick gritted his teeth, but he had no choice but to bear with it since he was on Sean’s turf.

Seeing that Patrick was staying in line, Sean turned to Cordy. “I’d rather not meddle with your private
affairs, but Lucas is out of the question. I’ve given you too many reasons, and I won’t repeat myself-

hell, as long as it isn’t Lucas Lynch, I can knock him out and bring him over giftwrapped.’

“You can do that to me right now,” Patrick said eagerly, all too willing for that to happen.

Sean rolled his eyes. “Honestly, you-“

“Lucas Lynch is John Levine,” Cordy said, very slowly and clearly.

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