Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 897

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After the care worker left, Sean pulled Patrick up to his feet and off the table.

Patrick was already dizzy, and the motion almost knocked him out.

He opened his dazed eyes at Sean, all the while feeling that his own body was being dragged along.
Sean’s hand was so forceful that he could die from the pain at that very moment.

“Can’t you be more gentle?” he snapped indignantly.

“I’m never gentle.”

“Your wife must suffer a lot because of you.’

“Yeah, she does,’ Sean replied, and helped Patrick to the bed with considerable difficulty.

He was just about to let Patrick down when Patrick grabbed his clothes, catching him off guard and
pulling him down in bed.

As Sean fell on top of Patrick,novelx.o the atmosphere seemed to stiffen even though Patrick was
smiling smugly. ‘You didn’t expect that, didja?!”

“…You’re incorrigible,” Sean snapped coolly. “Let go.”

“No,” Patrick retorted, and held on tighter to Sean.

“Patrick Stuart!”

“Threats won’t work with me!” Patrick looked utterly dauntless. “You won’t kill me and bury me in some
unmarked grave, anyway.”

Sean told himself not to get petty with a drunk man, and quickly tried to get up.

However, Patrick caught him again; nØvelxo he was very strong despite his somewhat delicate

When Sean couldn’t move at all, Patrick bragged smugly, “Can’t go anywhere now, can you?”

“You better not regret this.”

“R-Regret what?”

Patrick’s eyes were wide open,nØvelxo but he was probably drunk-and unconscious at that.

Why else would he hallucinate something like this?

It took a long time for Sean to manage to get away from Patrick, who suddenly appeared more docile.

Perhaps believing that he was dreaming, Sean fell asleep after some time.

However, Sean watched him quietly as he slept for a while…

In the next ward, Cordy was quiet as well.

Dicky was going to speak to her novëlxo a few times, but ultimately stopped himself.

He understood that his mommy didn’t want him to worry about her, even though she was really

Because of daddy? Because daddy was going to marry another woman?

“Mommy, I’m going to Uncle Sean’s room.”

“Okay.” Cordy nodded without asking what he was up to.

After all, Dicky had always been sharp even as a young child. He wanted to let her have the room to
herself when he noticed her plummeting mood.

In reality, Dicky was going straight to novëlxo John-even if his daddy was amnesiac, he was convinced
his daddy wouldn’t get over his mommy so easily.

He had to look around for a while until he reached his daddy’s ward, but his daddy wasn’t in there.

He then looked at the next ward, and saw his daddy staying by Nana’s side.

He was upset, let alone his mommy.

Shouldn’t he be staying with mommy right now, especially when she was so depressed?

Both John and Nana saw Dicky at the door, and Nana didn’t hesitate to stop John. “Don’t.”

John glanced at her, but said nothing as he strode off as he looked on. At that, Nana gritted her teeth in

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