Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 896

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Sean said, “Being able to enjoy yourself anytime is part of being alive. If you live too miserably, you’ll
regret it if you suddenly die.” “Who the hell is dying?!’ Patrick snapped in displeasure, pausing for a
moment before adding, “Well, I guess you’re worried since you’re not exactly young.”

Sean was speechless—Patrick was no older than him, novelx.o with the man being in the thirties and
he himself just reaching forty.

Nonetheless, Patrick took the beer and glass from Sean. While Sean stared at him, he said, ‘It’s no big
deal if you die, but I’d be blamed if you died near me. I won’t be able to take the novelxo responsibility
when your whole family comes for my head.”

With that, Patrick took a sip from Sean’s glass, clearly refusing to let Sean drink.

Sean didn’t fight back since he rarely drank, though he considered that any vice was fine in suitable

And now… Whatever. He didn’t want to argue with Patrick at the moment.

Hence, Sean watched as the man started from sips until he eventually chugged entire glasses.

Sean didn’t stop Patrick-even if alcohol wasn’t a good way to ease one’s sorrows, he couldn’t come up
with better alternatives for the time being and decided that this had to be it for a moment.

Patrick was drunk soon enough, and lay sprawled over the table while staring at Sean with a muddled
gaze. “Do you know how much I loved Cordy?”


“But you know I prefer men,” Patrick mumbled.

“Yeah,’ Sean replied.

“But I love her anyway,” nØvelxo Patrick groaned, his eyes welling with tears. “Hell, I think I’d love
Cordy regardless if she’s a man or a woman.”

“I know,” Sean said, playing along.

“I always thought I had a shot,” Patrick mumbled, more tears gleaming in his eyes; he looked just like a
wounded maiden. ‘But John Levine just had to be alive. How the hell did he survive? Shouldn’t he be
blown into pieces?”

Sean shrugged, novel.xo but John was probably one of those insanely lucky types.

“Well, I guess I’m not going to spend the rest of my life happy,” Patrick muttered miserably, as if he was
destined to be alone for the rest of his life.

“That just might not be the case,” Sean said quietly.

“All you ever do is mock me, huh?” Patrick snapped indignantly. “You have a baby and a happy family.
novëlxo You’d never know what it’s like to be alone forever, let alone understand what it’s like being

“But I do,” Sean said very quietly, but too soft for Patrick to hear as he continued ranting…until he fell
asleep in no time at all.

Sean chuckled-here he was, wondering how long Patrick’s tears would last.

This was it, huh?

Sean moved over to help Patrick get to his feet, but the latter refused to budge and even shoved him
impatiently. “Don’t touch me.”

“You can sleep on the bed.”

“No,” Patrick simply shifted his posture and lay sprawled on the table again.

“Be good.”

“I refuse.”

Sean had no choice but to lean in and help Patrick up again.

His care worker knew his condition, however, and quickly went up, saying,” I can do it, Mr. Cranston.”

“It’s alright,” Sean refused.

“But you’re-“

“Just bring some honey for his hangover,” Sean said.

“…Yes, Mr. Cranston.’

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