Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 900

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Sean understands that Cordy was emotionally distant towards everyone in the family, and therefore
treated everyone with indifference.

That applied to him as well, even though he was always around her.

“Are you recognizing me as family now?” he asked calmly after a while.

“I always did.”

“And you’re only showing it now?”

“I just didn’t want you to get ahead of yourself,” Cordy retorted.

Sean smiled—mushy words were unnecessary for them, or it would make things more awkward

“Just focus on getting better for now,” he told her. “Health is vital for everything, whether it’s to deal with
John or family troubles.”

“The same goes for you.” Cordy nodded, when something occurred to her.” Right. If Patrick does wake
up, tell him to come over. I need to clear the air with him…”

“I’m here,” Patrick suddenly spoke from the doorway.

As both Cordy and Sean turned towards him, he shrugged. “I didn’t expect that I’d actually sleep in.
And I wasn’t eavesdropping either, until the last part.”

“It’s fine even if you did. It’s nothing hush-hush,” novel.xo Cordy said nonchalantly.

“I’m going to make the arrangements for our plans now,” Sean said, clearing the room for them. “Care
to join me, Dicky? You’ve been stuck here for days.”

“Okay!” Dicky was sharp enough to read the room too.

Soon, it was just Cordy and Patrick left in her ward.

Sighing, Cordy said, “You know what I’d choose.’

“So I’m sentenced to death?” Patrick said, but there was a lightness in his tone.

He refused to let her see his misery, no.velxo because he would never make things awkward for her.

“You shouldn’t waste your time on me,” Cordy said bluntly.

“It never was a waste, and this doesn’t feel like a death sentence,” Patrick said with a determined tone.

While Cordy frowned, he asked gleefully, “So? John’s giving you the cold shoulder, isn’t he?”

Cordy rolled her eyes-he had to hit her exactly where it hurts.

“He’s marrying Nana soon. Are you really that confident you could take Nana away from him? Nana’s
no pushover, you know. Moreover, if he really marries her, are you still going to save yourself for him?
Don’t you think it’s unnecessary? Forget the years you wasted while he’s dead—he had someone else
for years, and you’d be the naive one if you keep pinning your hopes on him.”

Though Patrick’s words were sharp and cut her, novelxo Cordy was actually left speechless.

“Look, I get it,” Patrick continued solemnly. “John’s survival isn’t all that for me. I mean, if he was really
dead, you’d never get over him forever. But the reality here is that while he’s alive, he’s dumping you.
And you’re still obsessing over him after that? Anyway, you’re going to accept me once you get over
him, right?”

“Why are you so sure I can get John back?”

“Because you’re not as despicable as Nana Lynd,” Patrick said, hitting the nail on the head and leaving
Cordy speechless again.

Suddenly, he said, “So, how about we make a deal?”

“What deal?”

“If you really can make John give up on Nana and be with you. I’ll leave without a word right away. But
if he ultimately chooses her, novelxo you’ll start dating me, and I’ll help you tend to your wounds.”

“That’s unfair to you,” Cordy refused.

“That’s up to me to decide,” Patrick said staunchly. “I will always desire you, Cordy Sachs-even if John


“Don’t say no,” Patrick said, cutting her short and pleading, “Okay?”

He was the child of a very important family, and anything else he wanted was always within reach.

There were countless women who loved him, but he had to keep making himself single because of her.

“Okay,” Cordy agreed to it nonetheless.

There was no other reason; Patrick was such a good man, she couldn’t reject him.

Moreover, why would she hold on if John really gave up on her?

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