Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 903

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Sean stared at Cordy, who remained perfectly composed as she said determinedly, “I’m not giving up.”

Sean gave in. “Do you want me to come along?”

“No.” Cordy smiled. “You’d just get in the way.”

Sean scowled. “What are you upto?”

“That’s a quick change in attitude.”

“Don’t get off the reservation, Cordy.”

“What reservation? We already have a kid… Fine.”

Cordy had to agree immediately when she saw the scowl on Sean’s face, but what was he getting
upset about? It was not as if he was marrying her off…

She then added, “Keep Dicky company while I’m away.”

“Neglecting your son, are you?” Sean growled in annoyance.

“I’m all for Mommy’s plan,” Dicky chimed in.

Cordy smiled, and wheeled herself out of the room.

The moment she turned away, she no longer appeared as bright and cheery as she had been just now.

After all, she had no idea how she should act around John, who now had another woman.

She couldn’t even imagine how she would react if Nana was getting intimate with John when she went
looking for him…

Nonetheless, she took a deep breath and told herself that John was amnesiac, and didn’t remember
her. Thus, he bore no responsibility for Cordy and could do anything he wanted.

Moreover, Nana did save John.

It took Cordy considerable effort to finally reach John’s ward, but he wasn’t in just as expected.

Was he probably next door?

Even so, Cordy went inside since she would never go looking for John in Nana’s room. She absolutely
didn’t want to see Nana, and most importantly, Nana would do everything to keep John in her room.
Cordy would lose more than what she could gain.

Cordy could not help sighing-she never expected the day would come when she had to steal a man
from another woman.

In fact, her principles forbade her from trying to woo a man, let alone steal him from someone else.

It wasn’t as if she was that reserved or playing hard-to-get-she just didn’t hold that many expectations
when it comes to relationships, largely due to her own family history.

And yet, she had fallen so far from grace that she was waiting for man to come to her after he was
done keeping the other woman company.

Bored, Cordy whipped out her phone and browsed showbiz news as she sat on John’s bed.

She didn’t really take notice of much else after her accident, the Cranstons’ family affairs, and John.
Now, she was quite interested in checking out what happened to Zoe…

And she didn’t even have to look, since Zoe was making headlines.

[Zoe York retires following flash marriage to Jay Parker]

[Jay Parker and Zoe York’s three-year old labor of love]

[Jay Parker’s gallant defense of the missus]

Cordy was certainly laughing in amusement at the ridiculous titles— entertainment news did entertain,
after all.

Cordy simply picked one and tapped on it, which summarized Zoe and Jay’s wedding and having a
child together, and most of it was congratulatory.

Likewise, the top comments beneath were doing the same.

[Wishing Jay Parker and Zoe York the best! A match made in heaven!]

[I’m as surprised as I was delighted. No pairing deserves each other more in showbiz.]

[Jay Parker could’ve helped Zoe with backdoor means, but he pushed Zoe to compete and proved
herself? The love is there, but not much…]

Despite the jokes, most of it was well-wishes.

Cordy couldn’t help smiling.

It was a serene, beautiful expression, and John happened to see that on her face when he returned.

He stared, spacing out and silent though she was within grasp.

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