Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 901

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A couple days later, Sean summoned Cordy to Jesse’s ICU unit.

To be precise, every Cranston was summoned, but everyone else was kept waiting outside.

Cordy entered the ward with Sean, while the rest of the family watched from the window.

They could clearly see Jesse sitting up, but he kept his back towards them, giving them just a glimpse
of his face, but nothing complete.

And because it was Jesse, no one dared to get pushy.

Sean was certainly smart-with this, no one would suspect if the man in the ward was actually Jesse. He
resembled Jesse from that angle, and that was enough.

Cordy played along with Sean’s plan, and spoke with the fake Jesse in the ICU unit with a somber look.

After half an hour, Sean and Cordy both stepped outside, while Jesse appeared tired and reclined on
his bed, looking like he had fallen asleep again.

Once Sean and Cordy were out, the other Cranstons quickly surrounded them.

“How’s Dad doing? What did he tell you?” Paul asked eagerly.

Sean kept a straight face as he said, ’He’s saying he still feels tired and refuses to meet more people.
He told us to relay his word that he is coherent, and we don’t have to worry about him or visit that often.
Once he’s better, he’ll be back at Cranston Hall, so everyone should just go about their business for the
time being.”

“I want to see him,” Paul said eagerly.

“Uncle Paul.’ Sean stopped Paul. “Grandfather made it very clear that he’s now exhausted and doesn’t
want to see anyone. He needs the rest, and I don’t think it’s good if you rushed in right now.”

“That’s my father! He just cheated death and regained consciousness, so why can’t I visit him? I’m his
son, and I’m not going to bother him. I just want a look at him.” Paul was a little agitated.

“It’s what he asked, and I’m just following his wishes. As for the why, I think you should ask him once
he’s discharged.’

“Why do I have to wait? I’m going in right now.”

“Uncle Paul…”

“Why do you insist on stopping me, Sean? Did you do something that must never come to light?” Paul

Sean’s tone turned dead serious. “I’ve been working for Grandfather for years, and I’m the one who
always handles his affairs. Are you doubting my character or Grandfather’s judgment when you
question me, Uncle Paul?”

Paul was ever so slightly intimidated by Sean’s presence, but he was ultimately Sean’s elder and would
never suffer his threat.

“I’m just concerned about my own father, and none of your drivel matters. Make way—I’m seeing him
right now, and I’ll suffer the blame if he gets upset. Don’t worry, you’re innocent.”

With that, he started striding inside, and Sean stood in his way again.

“Sean,” he growled. “Move, or don’t blame me for turning against my family.

“Uncle Paul, you can visit Grandfather anytime you want, but not now.

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