Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 913

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Be that as it may, Cora was only overreacting because Zoe touched a nerve.

Jay had basically paved Cora’s path to stardom, and without him, she would not enjoy the success she
had now.

It was why she found it unacceptable that Jay was with Zoe now-what if Jay suddenly changed sides
and helped Zoe instead?

Cora knew all too well about Zoe’s strength in showbiz before. If she even had the slightest backing,
her career would develop with leaps and bounds, most likely knocking Cora off her perch…

Cora certainly could not accept being surpassed by Zoe!

She had to admit that she had been constantly comparing herself to Zoe ever so quietly, even in the
years Zoe left showbiz. She would always compare her own numbers to Zoe’s in almost every aspect:
Twitter followers, peak viewership numbers in TV shows, box office, nominations and awards-even

And just as she was about to surpass those numbers, Zoe had to make a comeback!

It was absolutely unacceptable if Zoe surpassed her-she took away everything that was rightfully hers
as a child, so why would she allow Zoe to get off easy?!

Nonetheless, Zoe simply flashed a faint smile as she watched Cora fume.” It’s both a reminder and a

“Uncle Jay can judge things better than you think, Zoe York-‘”

“Don’t call me that,” Zoe said evenly, cutting Cora short right then as she was completely reluctant to
waste time on her. “Jay and I are married, and you should be greeting me as Aunt Zoe according to our
seniority. Don’t leave your manners in Levine Manor now.”

And with those words, she strode off, leaving Cora seething in her wake.

Zoe actually used her seniority against Cora?

Who did she think she was?!

Cora would die before greeting Zoe as Aunt Zoe, nor would she acknowledge Zoe’s marriage with Jay!

As Zoe returned to her seat, more well-wishers came to offer toasts before she actually sat down.

“Zoe, you really hide your relationship with Mr. Parker well…” Claire Walker blurted, the alcohol
loosening her lips just then. “I mean, what would’ve happened if we badmouthed him around you?”

“What could happen anyway?” Zoe laughed. “I’d badmouth him too.”

“Goodness, Zoe. You’d make the man cry.”

Zoe did not agree, since she believed that Jay would never care.

“Anyway, allow me to offer you a toast. Please be understanding if I upset you or Mr. Parker in any way
before,” Claire said and chugged her drink.

Zoe happily accepted Claire’s toast, though as she kept drinking with more others, she really reached
her limit.

Thankfully, Dan got drunk too, and once he left, the party was basically over.

Zoe started to head out of the clubhouse toward her MPV, only to find Jay leaning on his cane and
waiting for her by the entrance.

Everyone was joking around again once he showed up.

“Came to take Zoe home, Mr. Parker?”

“Don’t you have to babysit, Mr. Parker? Did you come because you’re too worried about Zoe?”

“Well, you’re here now, Mr. Parker. How about we go for round two?”

Everyone was trying to get a word in, whereas Zoe was sobered up halfway when she saw Jay despite
being drunk earlier.

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