Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 914

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Everyone’s jokes only made Zoe very awkward.

She was certainly confused with what Jay was doing, running around this late at night especially with
his lame foot!

“Sorry, I couldn’t join the party since I was a little busy. I’ll make it up to everyone next time.” He smiled.

“The little one keeps clinging to you, is it?” one of the thespians teased.

“Well, I just managed to coax her to sleep,” Jay replied-Yelena had certainly been clingy ever since
they moved in together, and he basically could not leave the house once he reached home.

“And you couldn’t wait to get Zoe once you did, huh?” someone added.

Jay admitted to it openly too. “Yeah, I’m worried she drank too much and was lucky to make it in time.
Well, it is quite late, so I’m taking Zoe home for now. Let’s have a gathering when we can.”

“Bye, Mr. Parker!”

“Bye, Zoe!”

As Zoe followed Jay to the MPV, Jay took her hand-she could not refuse with so many others watching,
and they locked fingers while they walked and everyone watched.

Naturally, she let go once in the MPV and said bluntly, “You didn’t have to come this late.”

“People would be concerned that our marriage is troubled if I didn’t.”

“No, they wouldn’t.” Zoe was certainly skeptical.

“The tabloids would come up with anything for clicks,” Jay told her.

She did not want to argue at that point and said, “Anyway, you don’t have to come out to get me from
now on. Don’t you know that the more we hype up our marriage, the worse the criticism would be when
we break up? Let’s just stay distant so that no one would find it questionable even when we split up.”

Jay said nothing in response.

That was how he behaved whenever he got upset, even if his displeasure never registered on his face.

Zoe did not offer any kind words, however, since she was just speaking the truth.

She had no problems if he wanted to build up his image as a nice guy, since it was showbiz and
everyone should package themselves with a nice front to sell well.

She just did not want more issues in the future, since the more they bound themselves to each other,
the harder it would be for them to be parted.

The car suddenly turned silent, and the atmosphere was a little depressing too.

Still, things were not that relaxed when Zoe had to be alone with Jay-it was not easy to shake off the
awkwardness of being familiar but also unfamiliar at once.

Suddenly, Zoe’s phone started ringing.

Seeing a number she did not recognize, she wondered who would be calling this late even as she
politely answered, “Hello?”

“Hello, Ms. York. I’m Ruby Jones, the producer of Journey of Love. I was wondering if your schedule is
clear for you to take part in the second season of our program with Mr. Parker?”

Zoe had certainly heard of Journey of Love, since it was a tour variety show involving star celebrity
couples. The first season had hit several milestones in variety show viewership, and audiences had an
even higher expectation for the second season, so it was already trending and talked about frequently

Naturally, exposure on such a program would naturally boost one’s ratings as well.

However, Zoe sighed feebly. “I’ve been receiving many endorsement deals recently, so I don’t think I
can take part with my schedule.”

“When would your schedule be clear? We can adjust the filming schedule accordingly.” Ruby was
certainly sincere.

“I’m fine with that, but if I recall, Jay has upcoming projects-“

“Actually, we’ve already liaised with Mr. Parker, and he told us there was no issue. We just need to go
along with your schedule,” Ruby said bluntly.

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