Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 922

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Jay leaned in to kiss Zoe on the lips again before quietly leaving, content.

He then spent three long hours making one soup and three dishes, and while it did not look good, Zoe
woke up when she smelled the fragrant aroma.

She was too hungry and had not eaten for almost a day.

As she sat up, Jay asked her, “You’re up?”

“Yeah,” Zoe replied, stretching. “Are you done?”

“Yeah. See if you like it.”

Zoe sat in front of the dining table, staring at the food that hardly looked appetizing.

“Let’s make do for now. i’ll visit the other couples tomorrow and learn from the best.” Jay clearly saw
Zoe’s look of aversion.

Zoe, however, said nothing and took the knife and fork from Jay to start eating.

She might have been really hungry, since it did not taste as bad as she thought.

“How is it?” Jay asked nervously.

“It’s okay.” Zoe did not hold back her praise.

“That’s good,” Jay replied, heaving a sigh of relief.

“Thanks, darling,” Zoe suddenly said.

“It’s my honor to be praised by my dearest.”

Zoe was speechless-that was so cringeworthy!

She had to pretend as if they were in some sappy soap opera.

After finishing dinner, Jay turned her down when she offered to do her dishes.

She did not nap again this time, instead keeping him company and watching him fumble his way

“The production crew said we’re going out to sea to fish tomorrow,” she said, coming up with a topic on
the spot so that things did not stay awkward between them-not with so many cameras watching them.

“Yeah,” Jay replied.

“But can you swim?” Zoe asked, only realizing afterward that Jay had a limp leg.

“Don’t worry. I won’t sink if I fall into the sea,” Jay joked, not taking offense.

“Well, I don’t swim well, and I’m not going to be able to save you.” Zoe played along.

With that, they started joking around, and it was probably the most pleasant moment they shared in

After washing the dishes, Jay and Zoe went to the living room to watch some TV, but they were too
drowsy and took turns taking a shower before getting in bed.

This time, they were holding each other in bed since they must not be distant—the cameras were

“Are they going to keep filming us the entire night?” Zoe asked Jay.


Without another word, Zoe got out of bed, picked up a black shirt, and threw it over the lens.

Jay was grinning adorably.

“Now, that’s better,” Zoe said as she returned to bed, turning off the lights and sliding to the edge of the
bed by habit.

However, she stiffened when a hand pulled her toward his chest.

She gestured at Jay that she already blocked the cameras, but Jay seemed not to catch the cue,
holding her in his arms while nuzzling her nape.

Zoe shuddered slightly, a mysterious stimulation gushing over her chest just then.

She bit her lip as she stopped herself from pushing him away.

“Good night, darling.”

Jay spoke quietly beside her ear, and he could admit to himself just then that he was playing dirty tricks
on his way to her heart…

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