Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 918

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Yelena had been sleeping together with her daddy every night since they moved in.

But if her mommy slept with her daddy, where was she supposed to sleep?

She loved her mommy, but she did not want her mommy to steal her daddy.

“You’re old enough to sleep alone,” Zoe replied in annoyance-since when did Yelena become so reliant
on Jay?

Jay had just spent days with Yelena, and she was totally on his side already.

“But you’re older than me, Mommy. You should sleep alone more than I do, ” Yelena argued with
righteous indignation.

Zoe was actually speechless, while Jay chuckled subtly nearby, having zero intentions to defend Zoe.

It was Clara who quickly told Yelena, “How could you argue with your mommy about rooms, Yelena?
You can sleep with me if you want. It’s been a while since we slept together, and I’m beginning to miss

“But…” Yelena was left in a dilemma. “I really like sleeping with Daddy.”

“Then what about me?” Clara pressed, though it was just teasing at that point. “Didn’t you say you
wanted to stay with me forever?”

Yelena bit her lip, but after some thought, she said, “Can I sleep with Daddy tonight? I’ll sleep with you
tomorrow night, Grandma.”

“Yelena, you used to tell me that you want a baby brother like Hayden, didn’t you?” Clara suddenly

Hayden was one of Yelena’s classmates and she quickly nodded. “Yes. He is so cute!”

“Don’t you want your mommy and daddy to give you a baby brother?”


“In that case, you have to let your mommy and daddy sleep together,” Clara explained. “That way, they
can give you a baby brother!”

“Really?” Yelena exclaimed in surprise.

“Yes.” Clara smiled.

“Well… Okay.” Yelena bought it, and she told Zoe seriously, “Mommy, I’ll let you have daddy for now.
But you can’t sleep with Daddy anymore after you give me a baby brother.”

Zoe pursed her lips.

Did she even agree to that?

However, she certainly knew that Yelena would keep being stubborn if she did not play along, and she
definitely wanted to be spared the hassle.

“Okay,” she said, nodding.

“Yippee!” Yelena happily leapt off the floor. “I’m going to have a baby brother! I will become a sister!”

“Absolutely not!’

That night, although Yelena was not sleeping with Jay, she insisted that Jay stayed with her until she
fell asleep before leaving.

As such, Jay coaxed her to sleep before returning to his room.

There, he found Zoe sitting on the couch after taking her bath while fiddling with her phone.

“Aren’t you going to sleep?” Jay asked her-recording started in two days, and should she not rise early
for better upkeep, especially since she was a star actress?

“I don’t know how I should sleep,” she said bluntly.

While Jay was left taken aback, she explained, “I don’t know if you’re used to sleeping on the left or on
the right, and I can’t find another blanket.”

So she had no idea how to share the bed with him.

Actually, Jay had no idea either.

Naturally, he must not get too eager or Zoe would flee in a second.

“I’m used to sleeping on the left. As for the blanket, I suggest we share it, or we won’t be able to explain
ourselves if they ask to film our rooms too.”

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