Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 921

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Their first destination was a coastal city.

It turned out that there were a total of five couples for this season of Journey of Love, and everyone
would only gather once they arrived at the destination.

Naturally, the production crew had kept everything under wraps, and none of the participants knew who
the others were until they actually met.

That was why Zoe only found out that Cora and Bob were taking part as well after she actually saw

They certainly run into each other too often, but she did not let anything on since they were in front of
the cameras.

Cora naturally hated Zoe so much Zoe thought she would kill her the instant they met, but somehow
she acted like they were close. “Hey, Zoe! What a surprise, you and Uncle Jay were taking part too?”

Zeo naturally played along. “Yeah, I’m surprised too. The production crew’s been keeping everything
from us, so I didn’t know who the others were.”

They appeared almost intimate, while Bob and Jay shared a smile of tacit understanding.

After the short gathering, each couple would pick the singlefamily house where they would stay for a

However, that also meant they had to cook for themselves-

the production crew had forbidden them from ordering delivery.

And since neither Zoe nor Jay could do it, they were both staring blankly at the food ingredients.

If they knew it would come to this, they should have learned some simple culinary skills from Clara.

“I could try learning from walkthrough videos,” Jay asked Zoe.

Zoe nodded. “Feel free.”

Jay took off his jacket and picked up the apron nearby.

He could not quite tie it up for himself, so Zoe promptly walked up to him and helped him tie it up from

Just as she was going to leave, she gritted her teeth ever so subtly and hugged Jay from behind.

He clearly stiffened, surprised that Zoe would take the lead.

All he felt was her softness over his back, pressing warmth upon him, while he was suddenly afraid to

He even felt her cheek on his back as she breathed, “Thank you, darling.”

They had certainly been distant along the journey. If they did not do something, rumors of marital
troubles would spread as soon as the program aired.

Jay certainly understood that Zoe was doing his for the variety show, but he was satisfied about that

He then turned, so that he would not look stiff for too long or their act would appear deliberate.

He met Zoe’s gaze, and she blushed right then.

She never did that much, but she held his gaze with composure regardless.

Jay leaned in and suddenly kissed her on the lips, leaving Zoe’s eyes widening.

Was that not a little too much?

She did not expect that she would sacrifice herself to this extent!

“It was a long flight. Go take a nap over there—I’ll wake you when it’s ready.”

“Don’t you need my help?”

“Nope.” Jay smiled lovingly.

“Okay,” Zoe replied, not about to turn him down-he was the one who chose to play the perfect husband

Zoe sat at the couch nearby, planning to watch TV to kill time, but it turned out that she was really
drowsy after waking too early to catch their flight and hours of journey by car.

She actually fell asleep on the couch in no time at all.

As soon as she did, Jay stopped working and went over to her side with a blanket.

His eyes were constantly on her even as he worked in the kitchen.

He gently tucked Zoe in, and she was so sound asleep she did not wake up at all.

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