Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 923

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Zoe did not sleep well because she was really not used to Jay hugging her in her sleep, and so firmly
at that.

She could even feel his breath spraying over her nape.

It was hot, and it tickled.

Frustratingly, he was sleeping perfectly fine and kept holding her the entire night without moving, while
she listened to his breathing assume a regular rhythm.

Zoe was a little miserable at that.

She had been worried that Jay would be the one to expose them, since he had always been distant to
her. In fact, she was scared that he would push her away when she hugged him earlier.

To think that he would get into character more than she did…

Sighing to herself, she did her best to coax herself to sleep.

She was naturally unaware that the man feigning sleep behind her opened his eyes just then and
tightened his hold further.

The next day, Zoe was jolted awake by her alarm clock.

They were supposed to go out to sea at seven, and she therefore had to wake up at six to put on
makeup for the cameras.

She quickly turned off the alarm in fear that it woke Jay up, letting him sleep since he did not have to
put on makeup.

However, just as she was about to get out of bed, Jay held on tighter to her.

“Let me go, Jay,” she protested softly. “I have to do my makeup for when we go out to sea. We’d be
flamed if we’re late.”

Jay simply pretended not to hear her, even nuzzling against her nape as if to get even more

“Jay.” Zoe wiggled her body

Even though she had blocked the cameras, their voices were still being recorded, so she was afraid of
waking him- after all, who knew what the production crew would put in the final cut?

She was angry, but she could only keep it to herself, and her only way of resisting was to struggle her
way out of his embrace.

However, the more she struggled, the more she realized something was not right.

Jay was not just holding her tightly—he seemed to be grinding himself against her.

It was a rather instinctive movement, but it left Zoe speechless nonetheless.

Did he have any idea what he was doing?!

“Jay, I’m getting out of bed. Let me go,” Zoe said feebly, keeping her voice as quiet as possible… even
a little flirty.

However, it clearly did not work with Jay.

He was still holding her, and… starting to take things further.

Unable to take it anymore, Zoe used the simplest and crudest measure of biting him on the shoulder.

Finally feeling the pain, he opened his dazed eyes.

However, before he could speak, Zoe pressed her lips on his.


Jay felt like he was jolted by a current that extended all over his body, and he shuddered just then.

It was such a wonderful sensation…

Zoe naturally did not want to kiss him, but she was worried he would blurt something if he woke up, and
this was the only way she had to shut him up.

She kept kissing him until she decided that he was fully conscious and would release him then.

However, the instant she tried to leave, she felt a hand holding the back of her head, and her eyes
widened as Jay kissed her even harder.

She had just wanted to silence him with the kiss, but now, she was left wondering if Jay was actually

Why would he do this if he were and kiss her for so long at that?

And when Jay finally pulled away, their breathings were rushed, and their hearts were pounding wildly.

Then, after a long while…

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