Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 930

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Paul was starting to get furious and was unable to sit still.” Why isn’t Fred back yet? Where the hell did
he go?”

“Should I go check?” Linus—Paul’s son—asked.

“Just call him. Going in and out would just irritate us more,” Paul told him.

Linus promptly whipped out his phone to call Fred. “Fred, Dad’s asking how much longer the checkup
would take. And why aren’t you coming back?”

“Stomach ache. I needed the restroom,” Fred replied. “I’m coming back soon.”

“How’s Grandfather?”

“Sean said he’ll be done soon and told everyone to rest easy. It


Linus hung up, and relayed Fred’s message to everyone.

Paul rose to his feet impatiently right then. “I need a cigarette.”

“I’m coming with you.” Linus followed him to the smoking area, although it was just one glass door
between them and the VIP lounge.

Cordy texted Sean again at that: [Uncle Paul and Linus are in the smoking area. Neither are making
phone calls.]

Sean replied: [Got it.]

And with that, everyone waited for ninety minutes until Sean finally returned to them, and Paul asked
grumpily, “Can your grandfather be discharged now?”

“Yes,” Sean replied.

“I’ll drive him.”

“No, it’s fine. He already got in the car heading home.

Everyone just has to follow him back to Cranston Hall.”

“He’s already in his car?!” Paul’s voice shot up by a dozen decibels. “Didn’t he tell us to receive him?!
But he left on his own?”

“His plans are a mystery to me too.”

“Or are you just f*cking with us, Sean?!” Paul glared at him judgmentally.

“It really is Grandfather’s own arrangement, so I can only say it again: ask Grandfather yourself if you
have any questions, once we’re all back at Cranston Hall.”

Paul rolled his eyes. “He’s already in his car anyway. Let’s just go.”

Everyone filed out of the VIP lounge, while Sean and Cordy got in the same car with ‘Jesse’.

Cordy finally could not stop herself from asking, “Did you find them?”

“Nope,” Sean replied, shaking his head.

“No?!” Cordy exclaimed in surprise.

The culprit was really that calm and composed even under these circumstances?

Cordy furrowed her brow. “You’re not covering for anyone, are you?”

“Wait, you’re suspecting me too?” Sean was a little speechless-Cordy was honestly too pragmatic, not
getting emotional under any circumstance.

“Fred’s my chief suspect,” Cordy said bluntly.

“I suspected him too, but I found nothing suspicious about his behavior.”

“He was gone for ten minutes.”

“And would you like to know what he’s been doing in those ten minutes?” Sean replied with a look of
wry amusement.

As Cordy frowned, Sean brought out his laptop and connected it to the bug, then replayed the voice
recording he had on Fred.

Cordy was left speechless, while Sean said slowly and clearly, “Yeah. He was taking a sh*t the whole

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