Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 932

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At the next instant, ‘Jesse’ had opened the door and started to throw up all over the ground.

The cars of the other Cranstons also arrived at the grounds of the manor as well.

Since they had been sticking together, they naturally noticed the cars that were chasing Sean’s.

Everyone was worried as they alighted when they saw ‘Jesse ‘ vomiting so miserably and hurried to
him in concern.

Paul was even snapping at Sean already. “Aren’t you going to help your grandfather when he’s like this

He trailed off as ‘Jesse’ could not help looking up just then.

And no matter how much he resembled the real Jesse, he was obviously not the man.

“Who is he?!” Paul bellowed loudly, while the others were left stunned by the man too.

‘Jesse’ then turned toward Sean just then, who decided to show his hand. “He’s a paid actor.”

“What?!” Paul was incensed. “Were you f*cking with us, Sean?!’

“Everything I did, I did to expose the culprit trying to hurt Grandfather,” Sean calmly replied.

Paul snorted. “And? Did you get them?”

“I have to admit that I gave myself too much credit.”

“So, you failed.”

Sean quietly nodded.

“Sean, you’re really…” Paul suddenly could not find the word and growled, “You’re ridiculous!”

“Well, that’s why I’m giving up now.” Sean did not appear upset with Paul’s outburst and quietly came
clean. “I won’t mind admitting that it’s my loss and yielding leadership of the family if the culprit was one
of us, even telling them that their disposition is indisputable at this point.”

“What are you talking about?!” Paul was certainly bemused.

“We believe that the culprit isn’t a Cranston,” Cordy admitted.

Now was not the time to keep up appearances-she genuinely believed that she and Sean had been
working on the wrong people, and she doubted that anyone could stay calm at this point.

Naturally, that was only one part of it, since the most important finding was that none of the Cranstons
had been doing anything suspicious while they bugged them.

She was convinced that no one would text, since the culprit would not be stupid enough to leave a
paper trail of their crime. And given that they would be pressed for time, the culprit would definitely
make a phone call, issuing orders with the simplest and most direct method there was.

They now knew that no one in the family had arranged for those pursuers but they were pursued

That means someone outside the family had their eyes on taking control over the Cranston family and
wanted Jesse dead.

As for who, Cordy already had an idea.

After all, she already understood everything and was therefore positive that no Cranston was trying to
hurt Jesse.

“Our plan may have been radical, but it at least clears everyone of suspicion,” Cordy spoke up just
then. “There’s no more cause for suspicion between us, since we now know that everyone is innocent.
It is only by working together that we can uncover the culprit.”

“Don’t dress it up with pretty words,” Paul scoffed. “You think you could just tell us to let it go after you
and Sean made us run around in circles?”

“We had no choice, Uncle Paul,” Sean explained. “We wanted to uncover the culprit as soon as we
could, for Grandfather and everyone’s sake.”

“Well that just sounds like misdirection to me,” Paul said, deliberately looking at Cordy just then.

“She would have nothing to gain from this,” Sean said shortly. Right now, our prime suspect is-“

“The Lynds-Jean, specifically,” Cordy finished for him, cutting straight to the point.

Paul dismissed it right away. “You must be off your meds. Jean is dad’s sister and my aunt! They’ve
been siblings for

this long—how could Jean do something like this to him?!”

“We will look into the specifics,” Cordy said. “But while we do, I’d like everyone to keep everything we
just discussed a secret. All our efforts would be wasted if they become aware of our plan.”

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