Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 935

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Sean explained, “There was no disputing that John would be the perfect man for that job. I was
amazed by his abilities in his confrontation against the Stuarts, and following further conversations at
length, I became sure that he’s the one I want.”

“But why won’t you consider taking over leadership of the family?” Cordy remained curious about that.

He was the eldest grandson, was at the right age, and had the strength for it. One might even say that
the rest of the Cranstons had already tacitly acknowledged him in that capacity-even Paul, his uncle
and a known troublemaker, would more or less defer to him.

What reason could he have to delegate such a grand legacy to someone else?!

Nonetheless, Sean simply smiled. “I think I’ll pass on telling you my reasons, or that might ruin the
amazing opinion you have of me.”

“Don’t worry, you’re not that amazing in my opinion.”

“But I’d still rather you afford me some dignity,” Sean said bluntly, though it only made Cordy more

“Quit with the speculations, please,” Sean told her. “I’ll tell you someday.”

“When?” Cordy asked.

“It depends.”

He might as well have said nothing, just as Cordy was definitely not one who pried—if someone was
unwilling to say it, she would not usually ask.

That being said, she was more interested than usual because it was Sean.

Nonetheless, Sean suddenly reminded her, “The wedding is in five days. Good luck.”

Cordy rolled her eyes.

Cordy lay in bed, spacing out after Sean left her room.

Sean was right-what could she do to change John’s mind, to make him break up with Nana?

And that woman was a real menace!

She gritted her teeth and suddenly sat up in bed.

No one knew what the final outcome would be until the very last moment!

She whipped out her phone, tapped on John’s number, and texted him after a while: [I was discharged

Her heart raced after she sent the text, and she waited.

However, he never sent anything back, and Cordy got a little angry.

Gritting her teeth, she sent another text: [I almost got in

another accident.]

And, send…

This time, there was an exclamation mark beside her message.

Cordy checked several times online, but that was definitely a notification that her text was not delivered
to the recipient.

And the only reason for that was because she had been blocked.

John actually blocked her…

Cordy felt as if she could not breathe for a moment and really wanted to punch the man right then and

At the same time, she felt a chill in her heart-had John really resolved himself to cut all ties from her
just to stay with Nana?!

John was still staying at the hospital, keeping Nana company since she was not discharged yet.

He was peeling fruits for Nana, and Nana saw it as well when that text from Cordy reached him.

She laughed. “Cordy really hasn’t given up on you.”

As such, John blocked Cordy as Nana watched.

Though Nana could hardly hide her excitement, she said, “I really never wanted to push you like this,
Lucas, but you definitely won’t regret marrying me. I’ll make you understand

that marrying me is the smartest choice, because no one loves you more than I do-not even Cordy.”

“Yeah,” John replied.

He was cold to her as he always had been, but at least he was determined.

As such, Nana was convinced that he was just reluctant because he had been coerced, but she was
confident he would quickly forget about that after he actually married her.

“Did the doctor say when I can get discharged?” she asked.

“The doctor said it’s better if you stay, given your special condition,” he replied. “You can get discharged
once your wound completely heals and there’s nothing else affecting you.”

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