Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 931

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Sean turned off the recording and said, “Right now, the situation is that no Cranston has exposed
themselves. Either the culprit was calm, smart, and even capable of predicting our every move to stay
calm, or…”

Pausing, he held Cordy’s gaze and said, “Or, all our theories before were wrong. The culprit is not a

Cordy’s eyes narrowed, but she had to admit that she was thinking that they had been suspecting the
wrong people from the start.

“So? Which do you think it is?” Sean asked.

Cordy shook his head, unable to offer Sean a solid opinion.

Sean did not press her either.

The car drove on quietly, until the chauffeur suddenly jammed his foot on the brakes!

Everyone in the car-Sean, Cordy, ‘Jesse’, and Richard were all caught by surprise.

“What’s going on?!” Sean promptly asked.

“There’s this bike that came from the opposite direction,” the chauffeur quickly replied. “We almost

“Eyes front!” Sean barked at him suddenly, and the chauffeur saw it too-a car bounded toward them
from the opposite direction… almost as if it was deliberately driving straight at


Nonetheless, the chauffeur reacted right then and floored the gas pedal before abruptly pivoting the car
into an 180- degree spin, missing the oncoming car by inches!

The man was a professional racing driver-Sean had hired the chauffeur specifically because he was
expecting trouble, and the chauffeur certainly remained composed enough in the face of danger.

“Hurry to Cranston Hall,” Sean told him after that, and not forgetting to add, “Eyes on the road.”

“Yes, Mr. Cranston.” The chauffeur’s whole body stiffened, and jammed his foot on the gas pedal again.

The car shot forward. Cordy’s body stiffened from the sudden inertia, and she could not help clenching
Richard’s hand.

It would be fine if something happened to her, but not Richard…

“I’m fine, Mommy,” Richard quickly assured her, seemingly noticing Cordy’s nerves.

Cordy was silent, though she clenched further on his little hand.

The remaining journey was definitely heart-stopping—more cars were chasing them, though their
chauffeur managed to evade them successfully by bare inches.

But in the end, their car arrived safely at Cranston Hall, while their pursuers disappeared somewhere
behind them.

“Are you alright?” Sean turned to ask Cordy.

It was too close—even Sean’s stomach was churning, and he was barely holding it in.

“I’m fine,” Cordy replied and turned to Richard.

“I’m fine, Mommy,” Richard said tactfully.

On the other hand, Jesse’s body double was groaning, “l-l think I’m going to be sick…”

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