Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 936

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Nana groaned, “But I want to get discharged soon. We’re supposed to get married this week.”

“We can change the date,” John told her.

“I refuse. It’s so difficult to arrange this, and changing it might jinx things too.”

“Your health is more important.”

“I know my body,” Nana snapped. “Getting married would only improve my health, and don’t you
remember what my former cardiologist said? I’d live well and longer if I’m in a good mood.”

John gave up right then. “It’s your call.”

“Oh, I love you so much, Lucas.” Nana reached out for his hand.

His fingers clearly twitched, but he did not push her away.

The next day, Cordy went looking for John at the hospital on her wheelchair.

Sean was worried about letting her go alone and insisted on coming along.

They waited for John in his ward, since John spent most of his ward at Nana’s ward.

If he did not go, she would get out of bed to look for her, and she could not bear the exertion given her

As such, he usually waited until she fell asleep before leaving, and it was the same today.

He just did not expect to find Cordy and Sean in his room when he returned.

Sean was already scowling, clearly hostile toward his presence.

Cordy was not exactly smiling either and asked immediately, “Why did you block my number?”

“We’re not going to stay in touch. It’s pointless to keep your number.”

“Does it hurt you that much?”

“It hurts Nana,” John said bluntly.

Cordy almost choked on that retort.

Given her temperament in the past, she would have turned to leave right then.

This time, however, she bore with it.

“Can’t you unblock my number?” she asked. “I won’t text you again if you want.”

John felt a stinging pain extending all over his chest right then.

Cordy had been such a proud person before, but she was prostrating herself just for him.

At that very moment, he almost let down his guard and leapt forward to gather her in his arms.

He had to clench his fingers in restraint, while subtly glancing at the direction of the hidden camera in
his room and remained indifferent.

“There’s no chance of us getting together, Cordy. Don’t waste your time on me.”

“That’s my business.”

“But you’re affecting me,” John said coolly, feeling his own heart being cut to the quick with every
callous line he breathed.

“Do you hate me that much?” Cordy’s eyes welled with tears, but she refused to cry or look miserable
around John.

She would never do what Nana did, just as she scorned it.

But now, she really could not stop herself because she felt so powerless in the face of John’s apathy
for her.

What else could she do other than cry?

Ultimately, she lost to him and gave up on all pretenses.

John was left gulping, unable to say the cruel words already on the tip of his tongue.

He could not really hurt Cordy, but he could not afford for the same tragedy to hurt them again.

“I just don’t want any ties with you when I’m getting married soon.”

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