Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 937

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Cordy’s eyes were welling with tears even as she asked,” Can’t you just call off the wedding?”

“No,” John replied.

“You’ll definitely regret it,” Cordy told him solemnly.

“Even so, I’ll marry Nana,” John told her definitively.

Cordy bit her lip-she had so much more to say, but she could not say them.

John was frighteningly determined, and she could not persuade him at all.

There was nothing she could do.

“Don’t waste your time on me.” John remained unmoved by her misery. “I’m not worth it.”

With those words, he turned to leave, completely cold toward Cordy.

Cordy ultimately could not stop the tears streaming down her cheeks.

She always thought herself strong and was prepared for John’s rejection.

But if John really was that easy, Nana would not have to push him this far.

And now, each time John was being cruel to her, it felt like

her heart was cut to the quick…

She did not even see Sean chasing down John, snapping icily at him across the walkway in the
hospital, “John Levine!”

John wheeled on him. “You want to beat me up too?”

Just like when Patrick beat him up to stand up for Cordy.

Would Sean do the same?

To be fair, he really deserved it now.

“I’m not that violent,” Sean said icily.

John remained unmoved, so Sean said, “I just want to tell you that if you’ve really made your choice,
stand with it until the end. Don’t waver.”

“I know,” John replied with assurance and entered Nana’s ward, which was just next door.

Cordy wheeled herself out of his ward to find John leaving.

Sean turned toward her then. “Like I said, you never had a chance.”

Cordy blinked back her tears—she would never allow herself to be weak that long.

“Yeah, and thanks for nothing.” She naturally overheard what Sean told Jean.

“It’s for your own good.”

“Save it.”

She turned to leave, but Sean quickly caught up and

wheeled her to the elevators, saying, Patrick is a good man, to be honest.”

“Don’t remind me!” Cordy snapped, venting her bad mood after John’s rejection since she had nowhere
else to do it.

“Just try to date him. I heard that the best way to forget a break-up is to start a new one.”

“I’m not going to forget him.”

Cordy would certainly never forget about John.

It was just that the man before them was not John.

“Well, what can you do? He’s really getting married, and you’d be a homewrecker if you keep this up.”

“That’s my own business.”

“Wake up, Cordy.” Sean sighed feebly.

“I’m wide awake.”

“To be honest, I’m now convinced John doesn’t measure up to Patrick at all.”

“Yeah, he’s amazing. You can have him,” Cordy blurted.

Sean pursed his lips and quietly asked, “Can’t you behave like a normal person?”

“I got that from you,” Cordy retorted.

“I’m doing this for your own good.”

“What, and I’m not? I’ll be honest-you smile more around Patrick than with your wife, or have you never

Cordy said bluntly.

It was no fabrication, and that was really the case even if it felt absurd.

“Fine, I’ll shut up-you can do whatever you want.” Sean gave up right then. “But I’m serious here,
Cordy. You must give up once John really gets married. People will talk, and you’ll get flamed to death.”

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