Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 939

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“Of course.’ Nana did not hesitate-she always got what she wanted no matter who stood in her way.

“Let’s discuss terms,” Cordy said bluntly.


“Yes.” Cordy nodded.

Nana hesitated.

She knew for a while that Cordy was no pushover, but she was not afraid of Cordy-Cordy was the one
who lost whenever they clashed, after all.

“Fine.” Nana agreed to it just then, somehow interested in what Cordy was up to.

Cordy then turned to John and Sean. “Please clear the room. If

Both of them frowned but left the room, leaving just Cordy and Nana.

“Speak,” Nana told Cordy while watching her calmly.

“I’m sure you know a lot about me by now.”

Nana raised a brow. “In what way?”

“Every way,” Cordy replied confidently.

Nana pursed her lips-she certainly did, since Cordy was the enemy.

“So you’d know what I’m like. I can dazzle even if I’ve been dealt a bad hand, without any help.”

Nana raised a brow again. “Are you threatening me?”

“Not quite, but I guess I’m telling you that I’m not as much of a pushover as you’d like to think.”


“Give me two days with Lucas-“

“Don’t even think about it!” Nana refused even before Cordy could finish.

Cordy was undeterred, however, and simply continued slowly and clearly, “If I can’t make Lucas choose
me instead after two days, I’ll refrain from getting involved in your marriage at all… Or, to put it bluntly,
if you don’t give me a chance to give up now, your marriage won’t be peaceful.”

Nana was hesitant, and she studied Cordy just then.

She had to admit that she felt threatened-no one had ever demanded such ‘unfair terms’ from her in
her life, just as she never lost once in anything.

But it was clear that Cordy would be getting the better of their ’deal’, and why would she let another
woman have a shot at her own fiance?!

Lucas was hers in the first place! Be it before or after marriage, she had no reason to lend Lucas to

And yet, she was hesitant because Cordy posed too great a threat.

If Cordy kept clinging to Lucas, there was no guarantee he would not waver.

On the other hand, she just had to give them a couple days to eliminate a threat permanently!

Cordy then said, “Think about it. Give me an answer by today

“Fine,” Nana said without hesitation. “You can have Lucas before our wedding, but if he doesn’t choose
you, I want you gone forever.”

“And you don’t get to threaten him with suicide in those two days,” Cordy added-that rule was certainly
necessary, since emotional blackmail was Nana’s most lethal move.

“Don’t worry,” Nana assured her before adding, “And after those two days, you don’t get to have a say
in whatever I do.”


“You’re going to lose, Cordy.”

“You never know until the very end. You’d actually get a slap in the face.”

Nana did not care about Cordy’s provocation, however, and was utterly confident.

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