Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 941

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Cordy called John early next morning, her heart racing since she was not sure if he unblocked her.

Fortunately, the call got through.


“Nana must have told you yesterday, right? You belong to me for the next two days.”

Cordy’s tone was a little shrill.

John unwittingly clenched on his phone.

He belonged to her…

He gulped but asked, “Where are you?”

“What, no resistance?”

“It’s no loss if you agree not to bother us forever after that,” John said coolly.

Cordy restrained her rage and said, “I’m on the first floor of the hospital. Come down right now.”

With that, she hung up.

On the other end, while John put away his phone, Nana asked, “Is Cordy here?”


“Two days. You must come back before midnight tomorrow,

” Nana said determinedly. “Otherwise, you’d know what happens.”

John said nothing, though his silence was an acknowledgment most of the time.

Nana was used to his quietness as well and watched as he left.

After that, she picked up her phone and snapped, “Follow them, and report everything they are doing in
real time.”

“Yes, Ms. Lynd.”

Nana’s eyes flashed savagely as she lowered her phone.

Cordy would never win… no matter what she pulled!

Outside the hospital, John entered the car to find Cordy.

Her foot was still plastered, but she was dressed in an exceedingly alluring black body-hugging dress.

However, John merely gave it a brief glance.

Seeing no reaction from him, Cordy asked a little grumpily,” Don’t I look good in this?”

“It’s unnecessary,” John replied, using as few words as possible but effectively discouraging her.

Cordy was left gritting her teeth in frustration, since she had spent a long time making herself look

The journey was silent, and John kept staring outside the window.

“Aren’t you curious about where I’m taking you?” Cordy asked.

“Do I get to choose?”


“Then why should I bother?” John asked flatly.

However, Cordy had had enough. “I don’t want to look at the back of your head. Could you look at me
when I talk to you?”

John gulped, but he turned regardless.

“We’re going to the beach,” she said, looking him in the eye and wondering if he remembered he had
taken her to the beach before too.

Naturally, she did not have the time to take him back to that faraway island, but she could take him to a
small island near the capital and stay there for a couple days.

“Not interested?” Cordy asked since John did not respond.

“How do you think I should answer? Do I get my freedom of thought when both you and Nana treat me
like some tool?” John asked her in return.

“Why do you care so much about Nana?! A person’s life is their own, so that’s her problem if she
doesn’t care about hers! You don’t have to suffer her emotional blackmail!” Cordy cried in agitation.

She knew that John only came along to spend two days with her because Nana asked.

He was a yes-man when it came to that woman!

Was it not Nana’s fault that he lost his freedom?!

Even so, John stayed silent and did not answer.

Cordy was a little angry in turn.

In all the time she had known him, John had never been single and free. 1

First, it was Jessica.

Now, it was Nana.

The man was constantly surrounded by skanks!

“Someone’s following us,” John suddenly said amid the silence.

Cordy only got more furious when he told her that.

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