Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 948

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Did he wake up a while ago?

Cordy sat up in bed and carefully got out of bed.

She then walked to the balcony outside.

She just wanted to see how the sky and sea became one outside.

After that, she noticed John swimming in the private swimming pool below the balcony outside.

It was as if they had gone back to the time when they went traveling four years ago.

She just watched him like that as he swam freely in the pool.

Unfortunately, she was now lame and could not swim with him.

She just stood there and watched him as he swam repeatedly.

His body seemed to be painted with a layer of brilliant light under the sunlight.

After a long while, he seemed to have noticed her.

He looked up at her.

“You’re awake?” John asked.

“Hmm,” Cordy answered.

John got out of the swimming pool.

The water droplets dripped down his body, and the perfect lines of his muscles became quite dazzling
under the sun.

Cordy chuckled.

Well, it was hard to explain since she could not touch him even though he was right in front of her.

After he got out of the pool, he put on the bathrobe and walked into the villa. Soon, she heard him
coming upstairs.

Cordy turned around.

He walked to the balcony and bent over to carry her.

She had now gotten used to his hug and even longed for it even though he was just assisting her.

After all, her leg was injured.

John carried her to the dining table and helped her sit down. Soon the waiter delivered breakfast to

They ate their breakfast quietly.

“Do you have any plans today?” John asked.

“No,” Cordy answered.

John looked at her, and she smiled. “Are you disappointed?”

John shook his head.

“We have so little time to be with each other.” Cordy’s smile was filled with slight disappointment. “So, I
don’t want to make any other arrangements. I just simply want to spend time with you alone in the
same room.

“Hmm,” John replied.

“John, cook for me.” Cordy glanced at him.

John pursed his lips in pain.

“Maybe this is the last time I’ll be eating the food you make,” Cordy said, smiling.


After breakfast, the hotel waiter delivered some ingredients to them, and John then started making
lunch in the kitchen.

Cordy sat on a high chair at the bar counter in front of the kitchen as she watched him busy around in
the kitchen.

“You can watch TV. You don’t have to stay with me like this.” John might feel slightly uneasy when she
stared at him like that, so he suggested that to her.

“I told you that we’re running out of time. Of course, I want to stay with you.”


Cordy finally got down from the high chair with much difficulty, and John glanced at her before he
lowered his head to deal with the ingredients in his hands.

Cordy limped as she approached John. “Let me tie the apron for you.”

John did not refuse her.

Cordy helped him tie the apron from behind. After that, she hugged him from behind, leaning her face
on his back.

His hand stiffened as he held the knife to cut the ingredients.

He swallowed slightly, but he did not push her away.

Cordy just leaned against him with a clear conscience.

She asked, “John, do you remember nothing?”

John said nothing.

“You didn’t even ask me what my favorite food is. Why did you start cooking?”

“Didn’t you ask the waiter to deliver these ingredients?

Aren’t they your favorite?” John asked in answer.

Cordy laughed bitterly.


She was always trying to fool herself.

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