Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 950

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John stayed beside her.

Suddenly, he had a feeling that it was a quiet and peaceful life.

He thought of how nice it would be if they could grow old that way…

Nestling on the sofa, Cordy dozed off in a daze.

When John looked over, he found her small body curled up on the sofa, and she was breathing evenly.

Hence, he smiled helplessly.

He thought that she would do something violent these two days, but she was so calm and quiet.

He got up and walked toward Cordy.

At first, he wanted to take a blanket to drape it over her body. But when he saw her curl up that way, he
felt that it was rather an uncomfortable sleeping posture. She would be sore all over when she woke
up. Hence, he decided to carry her back to her room.

When he had just touched her, a pair of slender arms were soon around his neck.

He was caught off guard when Cordy took the initiative to kiss his lips.

Consequently, John’s heartbeat quickened wildly.

He did not even manage to regain his wits when she deepened their kiss…

So, his body became tense.

It was hard not to be moved.

Cordy’s kissing skills were not good, but she could still bewitch him.

He pressed her onto the sofa and their breathing grew hurried.

However, it would stop at last.

Cordy looked at him as he panted.

John was also looking at her whose face was flushed red.

It was unknown if it was because of her passion or if she was being infuriated.

“You don’t dare?” Cordy provoked him.

John got down from her body.

He said, “I can’t do that.”

As a result, Cordy was struck speechless. ‘Scumbag!’

John returned to his room.

Watching the tightly closed door, Cordy inevitably pursed her lips briefly.

“Hiss…” Cordy could not help screaming once.

It was painful.

Her lips almost turned swollen from his passionate attacks just now.

He was so out of control, but he could exert such good selfrestraint too.

How did he dothat?

Cordy got up and limped her way out of the living room of the villa.

After John came out from a cold shower, he found that she was not in the living room.

However, her wheelchair was still there.

He knitted his brows and instinctively walked upstairs.

After searching around, he did not see her. So, he walked out of the villa and went to the beach
outside, but he still did not see her.

Inevitably feeling anxious, he called her.

“Hello.” Cordy answered the phone.

John could not hold himself back and heaved a huge sigh of relief when the call was connected.

“Where are you?”

“I went out for some fresh air.”


“I’m not going to tell you.”

“Cordy, did you forget why you came here these two days?” John suppressed his anger.

“No, I didn’t. That’s why I want to distance myself from you.”

“Where are you?” John did not want to talk much nonsense with her, so he asked again.

“I’ll come back later.”


She had already hung up the phone.

Holding the phone, John’s grip tightened.

Was she throwing a tantrum at him?

No one knew that he had it so much worse than her.

John was waiting for her to return to the living room of the villa.

He had to leave before midnight tonight.

That was the deal.

He knew very well that if he did not go back on time, he would see Nana’s corpse.

And it was six in the evening now.

After Cordy left at three in the afternoon, he was left there all alone for three hours.

He finally could not hold himself back.

Undeniably, he cherished the time he spent alone with her very much…

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