Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 951

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He gave Cordy a call, but she did not pick up.

He began feeling anxious.

He continued calling her repeatedly.

He suddenly stood up to head to the door to look for her.

Just then, Cordy called him back.

John immediately picked up the call, “Why didn’t you answer my calls?!”

His voice sounded clearly anxious.

“Were you worried about me?” Cordy, on the other hand, was calm and composed.

“I was just… feeling bored all alone,” John made up a flimsy excuse.

“So you missed me.”

“Are you done playing this game, Cordy? Do you know that we have only a few hours left before we
have to leave this place…”

“Come out.” Cordy cut him off mid-sentence.

John furrowed his brows. “What?”

“Come out of the house.”

With that, Cordy hung up.

John kept his anger in check and walked out of the villa.

The wooden fence corridor suddenly lit up.

It was six in the evening, and the sky was not yet completely dark.

But it did not lessen in any way the romantic ambience in the air.

He walked in the direction of the light source.

On the beach not far away, there was an alfresco dining setup with a table surrounded by a circle of
lamps giving off a soft, warm glow. Fresh flowers and brightly lit candles decorated the tables, and pink
rose petals were scattered on the sand below, which fluttered with the breeze, making for a beautiful,
romantic scene.

John stopped right in front of the table.

He did not see Cordy around

Was Cordy preparing for this dinner set-up during the time she disappeared?


A familiar voice sounded behind him.

Her bright, sweet voice was like honey seeping into his heart and filling it with joy.

John turned around.

Cordy was standing around six feet away from him.

She had donned a white gown.

The thin shoulder straps accentuated her collar bones and fair, dewy shoulders, and her exquisite
beauty and svelte figure made him catch his breath.

She was a picture of timeless beauty, all encapsulated in one enchanting woman.

John swallowed as his heart raced.

“Do I look good?” Cordy asked.

She spent the entire afternoon dolling herself up behind his back.

“You do,” John replied.

Yet, he looked away.

He clearly did not dare to look at her for too long.

That might set him on fire.

“Won’t you come and give me a hug?” Cordy asked.


“My leg is injured and I can’t go over,” Cordy explained herself just as John was clearly about to

She always had a good reason for him to draw closer to her.

John walked toward Cordy.

Cordy gave him a warm, gentle smile.

At that moment, John suddenly understood how beautiful women always meant trouble.

“A penny for your thoughts?” Cordy looked at him with furrowed brows.

John smiled.

Cordy was really sensitive.

He hauled her up in his arms, and she very naturally wrapped her long, fair arms around his neck.

The next moment, as John turned his head, Cordy planted a kiss on his cheek.

She failed in her attack.

How could John possibly fall into the same trap twice?

That was how she managed to kiss him this afternoon.

But she did not manage to succeed this time in the evening.

John gingerly placed Cordy on the chair.

Meanwhile, a waiter began serving them their dinner.

The two of them quietly ate their portions.

Cordy then raised her glass of red wine, and John picked up his glass and clinked it with hers.

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