Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 952

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The clear clinking sound melted into the sound of the waves crashing along the coast.

Cordy sipped from the glass.

She said, “John, does this not seem familiar to you?”

“Not at all.”

“All right.” Cordy chuckled.

Her smile was clearly laced with sorrow.

John turned his face away to look into the distance where the boundless ocean lay ahead beyond the

The sky was turning darker and darker by the minute.

The candlelight mingled with the soft glow of the lamps, intensifying the romantic atmosphere around

A touching melody suddenly came from afar.

It was the lilting notes of a violin drifting from a quiet corner.

Cordy stood up from her seat, and John looked at her.

He saw her taking one difficult step at a time toward him, reaching her hands out by way of invitation.
“Shall we dance? w

John looked at her from top to toe. “Are you sure you can still dance?”

“Of course I can.”

John chuckled helplessly, although he stood up anyway.

He walked toward Cordy, and she wrapped her arms around his neck very naturally.

Cordy seemed to really like hugging him like that, and he did not detest it…

He went with the flow and wrapped his arm around her tiny waist.

He did not dare to move much for fear of aggravating her leg injury.

At that moment, he saw Cordy remove her shoes carefully and step on his leather shoes.

John chuckled dotingly.

‘That was very quick-witted of her,’ he thought.

The moment he felt that Cordy was steady, John wrapped his arms around her and swayed gently to
the music.

The sea breeze caressed their cheeks.

It felt as if the whole world was asleep except for them. The only thing they could hear were each
other’s heartbeats thumping wildly in their chests.

The song came to an end and then soon after, another melody drifted into their ears.

It went on almost endlessly like this, one song after another.

“Cordy,” John uttered her name in a low and intimate way.


“It’s time for me to go,” he reminded her.

She instinctively tightened her hold around his neck.

She did not want him to leave.

“Must you?”

“I must,” John insisted.

“You like me, don’t you?” Cordy asked him.

Even if he did not remember a single thing, and even if he did not admit it, she could feel his heart.

“Can you not go?” Cordy said as she looked solemnly at him.

There was deep desire and longing in the depths of her eyes.

“No, I can’t.”

“I will face whatever comes with you.” Cordy did not want to give up. “It’s just Nana threatening to
commit suicide, right? If that happens, I’ll shoulder it all with you, be it public criticism or pressure from
the Lynds.”

“Nana saved my life. I cannot force her to a corner like this.”

“What if I also threaten you with my life?” Cordy asked him.

Tears glimmered in her eyes.

Though she did not want to cry, she could not help it.

She did not want to be so despicable, but she could not bring herself to just give John up.

“You won’t.”

“What if?” Cordy smiled with tears in her eyes.

John looked at her in silence.

“I’ve been suffering from depression for three to four years after your accident. I’ve considered
committing suicide

more than once. Perhaps losing you one more time might really make me lose all hope in the world,”
Cordy said softly.

She was not lying to him.

She was truly not.

John pursed his lips as his arms subconsciously tightened around her.

“I am not John Levine.” He denied his own identity. “The John Levine you love died a long time ago…”

Cordy let go of John’s neck, and he watched as she struggled to leave his side.

He watched on as she walked further and further away…

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