Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 964

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If they were not currently filming a show, Bob would really have punched Jay in the face.

He would see how smug Jay could be!

“Very soon, we’ll be legally married too,” Cora suddenly announced.

“Have you decided on a wedding date?” Jay asked casually.

He asked it with a tone of superiority as their senior.

“Yes, we have. But we need to keep it a secret for now,” Cora said on purpose.

In reality, as a celebrity, there were many things that were out of their control.

Cora could not announce anything of her own accord without her management company’s approval.

“Yeah.” Jay clearly knew the rules of the industry and did not ask any further.

“Hurry up and go back.” Bob began rushing them.

Looking like he did not want them around would be variety show fodder bound to go viral.

“No way,” Jay said calmly. “We’ll have lunch right here at your place.”

“I’d say, Jay Parker, that’s quite enough! Putting aside the fact that you’re Cora’s uncle, we’re peers!”
Bob deliberately flared up.

“So what? As long as you marry Cora, that makes you my nephew-in-law.”

Bob was on the verge of a heart attack.

How shameless could one get?!

“I’m feeling quite tired and don’t want to cook anymore. Why don’t you cook a bit more for your uncle
and aunt?” Jay said, almost commanding Bob.

Bob said through gritted teeth, “You ask for food as if you own the place.”

Jay ignored him.

He said in a much gentler tone to Zoe, “Come on, let’s sit on the couch in the living room.”

Zoe saw the look of displeasure on Bob’s face and asked tentatively, “Why don’t we go back and cook
our own food…’

“Don’t stand on ceremony, we’re family,” Jay said, unperturbed.

Zoe was speechless.

Since when did Jay become so shameless?!

Did he not see how angry Bob was?!

Zoe eventually sat with Jay on the couch and waited for the food to be ready.

Bob reluctantly got down to cooking, with Cora serving as his assistant in the kitchen.

A while later, Bob whipped up four dishes and a soup.

All four of them sat around the table.

Throughout the meal, Jay kept making sure that Zoe was well fed by serving her so much food that
there was a mountain of food on Zoe’s plate.

“I can’t eat so much,” Zoe protested.

“You don’t like the taste of it? I find it not too bad,” Jay remarked.

Bob looked up at that moment.

He did not want to admit it, but he could not deny that he had put in a lot of effort in preparing this meal.

Because… he knew that Zoe would be eating it.

Earlier, he was pretending that he did not want them around.

But he could not lie to himself.

He still had feelings for Zoe.

“It’s delicious,” Zoe immediately clarified as she looked at Bob.

“I find it delicious too,” Cora chimed in before complaining, “Because of all the food you’ve cooked
these few days, I’ve gained so much weight.”

“Precisely, I’m scared of gaining weight,” Zoe explained, “so I can’t eat too much.”

“You’re not fat at all. In fact, you’re too skinny and should eat more and gain some weight,” Jay said.

’I won’t look good if I gain more weight,’ Zoe refuted.

’You won’t.”

“You don’t get a say in this!”

“I’m a director.”

Zoe was immediately silenced.

“I don’t like my actresses too skinny,” Jay added.

“As if.” Cora refuted his claim even before Zoe responded. “You’re always making me go on a diet,
saying that I don’t look good when I gain weight and my face turns rounder. Why are you now saying
that you don’t like your actresses too skinny with Zoe around? Jay, are you having double standards?”

“But that’s because you really are fat,” Jay said ruthlessly.

“How am I fat?! I’m only ninety-nine pounds at a height of five foot five. Zoe is about my height and
she’s slightly heavier than I am,” Cora complained.

“Her body is more proportionate.”

“How is mine not proportionate?!’

“Your face is too big.”

“Am I your family or not?!” Cora was so angry her face turned a bright red.

How was she going to receive advertisement offers in the future with what Jay said right in front of the

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