Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 960

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“Yeah, I slept too late last night,” Cordy said as she forced herself to sit up on the bed.

“Do you need to go back to sleep?” Zoe herself loved her sleep and hated it when people woke her up.

“No,” Cordy said. “I’m awake now.”

“Oh,” Zoe sounded like she had more to say, yet she fell silent.

“What’s up?” Cordy asked.

“Nothing much,” Zoe replied. She did not know how to broach the subject.

“Just speak your mind.” Cordy could see through Zoe in a minute.

Zoe was not one capable of hiding secrets anyway.

Unable to hold it in any longer, she then said, “It seems that Lucas is getting married to that heiress of
the Lynd family?”

“Yeah,” Cordy replied.

She made herself sound indifferent to it.

“Don’t you think Lucas looks a lot like John? Have you ever suspected…” Zoe halted mid-sentence.

Cordy pursed her lips.

She was wondering whether to tell Zoe the truth.

After a moment’s hesitation, she said, “I saw John disappear right in front of my eyes.”

Since John was not willing to acknowledge his own identity, she had no right to announce it to others
on his behalf.

John was nothing but a mere stranger to her, with his affairs having nothing to do with her.

She would no longer talk about him with others from now on.

“But he really… I lived with John for many years and I know very well his expressions and
eccentricities…” Zoe tried to be as tactful as she could in expressing her opinion.

“If you really suspect so, you can ask him directly,” Cordy said. “To me, John is gone for good.”

“I’m just afraid that you two will pass each other by,” Zoe said rather agitatedly.

Of course she thought it would be better that John was still alive.

She undeniably had affections for John as family.

When she knew that something untoward had happened to him, she felt terrible.

But ultimately, she was not that close to John and her greatest concern was for Cordy, who would be
the most hurt if John were to remarry.

She was worried that if Lucas really turned out to be John and if he got married, there would be no
hope between him and Cordy.

“We’ve already passed each other by,” Cordy said bluntly.


“Just don’t bother about things between him and me,” Cordy said slightly harshly.

Zoe pursed her lips.

She knew Cordy’s temperament especially after so many years of friendship.

Cordy’s tone right now meant that she really did not want to dwell on this topic.

“What are you doing right now?” Cordy asked casually.

She wanted to change the subject and not waste any more time on John.

“I’m participating in a variety show… with Jay.”

“With Jay? Is it a dating variety show?” Cordy’s curiosity was now piqued.

“Kind of.” Zoe nodded.

“That sounds good. You two really should spend more quality time together.” Cordy smiled.

“What quality time…” Zoe glanced at the door.

She lowered her volume so that the monitoring system would not pick up her voice.

She spoke softer. “Well, I’ve got no choice. I need to eat.”

“Is it not convenient to talk now?” Cordy was sharp enough to notice the change in Zoe’s voice.


“Then hear me out,” Cordy said, “Put aside your prejudice and have a serious relationship with Jay.”

“Quit joking around…”

“Zoe, I’m not trying to matchmake the both of you because I have a good impression of Jay or because
you two had a child together and therefore must be together. The child is important, but she should not
be a barrier for either of you in pursuing your happiness. I’m trying to persuade you because I really
think that Jay is worth it.”

Zoe rebutted, “He’s not a bad person, but he doesn’t like…” “Trust me,” Cordy said firmly.

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