Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 963

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If she were honest, she would admit that she regretted it the moment she touched Jay’s lips.

That touch felt like lightning that jolted her awake.

How could she take the initiative to kiss Jay?!

If Jay instinctively pushed her away, would the act they worked so hard to put up over the past few
days not all be in vain?!

Even if Jay was professional enough to not push her away, she did it in front of so many photographers
and even Bob…

What she did was simply courting death.

A large-scale, bloody social death.

At that moment, Zoe had a strong urge to take her leave.

Just as she was about to do so, a warm hand held the back of her head to stop her from leaving, as if
knowing what she would do next.

The next moment, he deepened the kiss.

“Mm!” Zoe’s eyes widened.

She stared at Jay’s huge face up close.

Did he stop aging at some point?

How could a man over thirty years of age have such smooth and poreless skin?

Of course, Zoe’s attention wasn’t exactly on Jay’s looks.

After all, his kiss was just too… powerful.

In fact, it bordered on being brazen.

Zoe did not dare to push him away.

She was afraid that she might be exposed under the cameras.

But she was a little dazed and confused from Jay’s kiss.

Since when did Jay’s kissing skills become so good…

“Cough, cough!”

A series of coughing sounds came from nearby.

Jay paused for a moment, as if he finally snapped back to reality.

He almost could not bear to stop the kiss and to leave Zoe’s lips.

“That’s enough, you two!” Bob teased.

Jay finally let Zoe go.

“Don’t think that you two are seniors and treat us juniors like this,” Bob said jokingly.

He was trying to lighten the atmosphere.

Zoe immediately looked away.

She was finally wide awake.

And now that she was, she began blushing.

The thought of her and Jay…

She was considering the possibility of discussing with the production team to cut the segment out.

It was truly awkward.

Jay had composed himself and recovered from the kiss.

He said simply, “I couldn’t hold myself back.”

Everything would have been fine if he kept quiet.

Yet, he had to talk and make things worse.

Zoe glared at him.

Jay pretended not to notice the look Zoe gave him and picked up another barbecued rib and put it next
to her lips, saying, “Since you like it, have more.”

Zoe suppressed her annoyance and opened her mouth to bite into the ribs.

She had to admit that the barbecued ribs that Jay cooked were really tasty.

They were not overly sweet or salty and just right for her taste buds.

“Go back to your own room if you two want to be lovey-dovey, okay? Don’t act like you’re the only
couple around,” Bob chided.

He looked like he said it jokingly, but in fact, he was almost unable to take more of it.

He could not take it that Jay managed to snag Zoe once again, just like that!

Logically speaking, although he wished for Jay and Zoe to reconcile, emotionally speaking, he was
unable to accept it internally.

His feelings for Zoe…

Forget it. He should stop thinking about it.

Terrible things might happen if he overthought things.

“We are a legally married couple,” Jay said smugly, with no care for Bob’s feelings at all.

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