Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 965

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“Oh, come on. Everyone knows that I’m the adopted son of the Levine family.” Jay refused to give in to

Cora’s eyes turned red with anger.

Zoe stood idly by and watched with completely no intending of stopping the fight.

Bob had to be the one to shoulder everything.

He, a rich heir who lacked neither money nor fame, gave in to Cora’s pleas and joined the TV show,
telling himself that he could just treat it as a holiday. Yet, he did not expect to end up being the one hurt
most deeply.

As if the torture of seeing Jay and Zoe being so in love was not enough, he even had to deal with the
aftermath of their behavior.

He said, “You’re wretched. Jay. Cora, don’t stoop to his level. To me, you’re the best no matter what.”

Cora’s annoyance dissipated upon hearing Bob’s words as a smile broke across her face.

“Eat more. I like seeing you eat well and becoming cute and chubby under my care.” Bob started
putting lots of food on her plate.

“Are you saying I’m fat?” Cora was on the brink of collapse again.

“I misspoke.” Bob immediately corrected himself, “I like seeing the look of joy and happiness when you
eat the food I cook.”

“Then from now on, as long as it’s food that you prepared, I’ll eat it. At most, I’ll exercise more to lose

“You’re really not fat at all.” Bob put more food on Cora’s plate. ’Don’t listen

to Jay spout nonsense. He’s just trying to make Zoe happy.”

“I think so too.” Cora and Bob sang the same tune.

Jay and Zoe did not cut in.

They simply looked at the other couple with a glad look on their faces.

After lunch, Jay and Zoe did not stay on.

Zoe pushed Jay on his wheelchair and returned to their homestay.

“Shall we go for a stroll?” Jay suggested.


Zoe thought it was a good chance to walk off the calories from the meal they had.

She pushed Jay on the wheelchair and walked leisurely around the area.

There were no passers-by around and the production team had already left long ago.

Their photographers were still with them, though.

Because of that, it was not very appropriate for them to talk properly.

Zoe held it in for a while before finally asking the photographers, “Could you give us husband and wife
some privacy, please? You can continue filming after we go back. Is that fine?”

The three photographers exchanged glances, but none dared to answer her.

“We’re just walking around, so there’s nothing much to film.” Zoe pushed harder. “What’s more, it’s time
for lunch now, isn’t it? You have to take care of your health in order to work well. Well head back in half
an hour. Go and have your lunch first.”

The photographers thought about it before one of them asked tentatively,”

Are you sure you’ll be back in half an hour?”

“Don’t worry!” Zoe shot them a bright smile and immediately said politely,” Thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome.”

The photographers finally left.

Zoe heaved a huge sigh of relief.

She was finally free from being under the camera lens. She almost could not take it any longer.

She was so relaxed that she did not notice the irrepressible smile on the face of the man on the

If he had heard her correctly, Zoe referred to them as ‘husband and wife’ just now…

“We can talk now, Jay,” Zoe immediately said.

They only had half an hour, which was precious little time.

Jay snapped back to attention and asked, “What do you want to talk about? ■

Zoe was slightly stunned.

Jay’s tone made it sound as if she was going to confess to him.

She immediately tried to clarify. “Just now, at Bob’s homestay, I kissed you only because…”

“For the cameras,” Jay finished her sentence.

“Oh. Good that you know.” Zoe heaved a sigh of relief.

For some inexplicable reason, she somehow felt a little disappointed.

If Jay was so certain that she did it for the cameras, then did he kiss her back for the sake of the
cameras as well?!

Frustration suddenly crept up her heart.

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