Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 966

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She had already told herself not to have any hopes for Jay…

It was all Cordy’s fault for making Zoe trust her judgment.

“But not me,’ Jay suddenly said.

“Huh?” Zoe did not understand what Jay meant.

“I said, I didn’t kiss you for the cameras.”

Zoe’s heart leapt.

She was unable to hide that sudden jolt in her heart.

The two of them fell silent, and the atmosphere was rather tense.

After a long while, Jay changed the subject. “Bob and Cora are pretty close now.”

“I can tell,” Zoe agreed.

She had, in fact, felt guilty toward Bob all along.

Seeing Bob and Cora being so close made her feel glad.

“But don’t call Cora fat in front of everyone. Being in the entertainment circle yourself, aren’t you afraid
that Cora will lose filming opportunities by saying that?”

“Which of her movies aren’t filmed by me?” Jay said, his brows arching.

Zoe was silenced.

Jay was verbally harsh to Cora, but his actions betrayed how much he cared for Cora.

She felt like she was only embarrassing herself by trying to stand up for Cora.

“You don’t… dislike Cora?’ Jay asked Zoe, uncertain of her response.

“If she continues treating her relationship with Bob seriously, I may not necessarily dislike her,”

Zoe said frankly.

As much as there were still hard feelings between the both of them, she would try her best to persuade

After all, she did not want to put Bob in a difficult spot.

“So, it’s because of Bob,” Jay mumbled to himself.

“What?” Zoe didn’t hear him clearly.

Jay was sitting up while she was standing. The two of them were still a distance away from each other.

“Nothing.” Jay shook his head. “Good that you don’t dislike her.’

“But this doesn’t mean I’ll proactively try to please the Levines.” Zoe was firm in her tone, ‘Til never
pander to Nancy just because of our relationship. The furthest I’m willing to go is to promise not to
cause trouble.”

“There’s no need to,” Jay said. “You don’t need to change your attitude toward the Levines.”

Zoe felt her heart tremble.

“You married me, and that has nothing to do with the Levines,” Jay affirmed.

Zoe pursed her lips, with nothing more to say.

Her relationship with Jay right now…

Even she herself found it complicated.

She was, in fact, facing an internal conflict.

She did not know what she wanted and how far she wanted to go with Jay.

She could subtly sense the difference in Jay, and that his attitude toward her was vastly different.

This difference seemed insignificant…

But she had erected a barrier in her heart.

She did not dare to take that first step.

She kept wondering whether the change in Jay’s attitude toward her was because of her, or if it was
because of Yelena.

If it’s just to give Yelena a family…

She could accept that, of course.

The moment she gave birth to Yelena, she did not consider the possibility of falling in love with another

She had no reason to reject the possibility of giving Yelena a complete family, one that she could grow
up in happily.


Zoe sighed.

Should she hold out hope?!

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