Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 968

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He had let go of the past.

The two of them were deciding to start anew for real.

Subsequently, Zoe and Jay seemed to treat each other differently.

It was a very subtle change that outsiders might not notice, but they felt it deeply.

For example, they no longer needed to feign intimacy. All of their intimate behaviors were from their

They no longer kept their distance from each other on the bed when they turned in for the night too.

Naturally, the two of them would end up hugging each other to sleep.

Of course, they did not actually do anything during the TV show, but they no longer detested being
close to each other.

After filming the first episode and on their way back, Zoe fell asleep in the car.

Although the trip itself was not tiring, having the cameras around them all the time made her so tensed
up she was not even able to sleep well.

Now that no one was ‘monitoring’ her, Zoe could finally relax and sleep throughout the journey without
a care for the world.

They finally arrived home.

Jay did not want to wake Zoe up, but the moment he bent forward to haul her up, she woke up.

She looked to her left and right. “Have we arrived?’

‘Yes, we have.”

“That’s fast.”

“You slept for a long time,” Jay said dotingly.

Zoe smiled sheepishly as she asked, “Did you sleep?”

‘I’m more used to sleeping on the bed.”

“Pretentious,” Zoe commented.

Jay did not mind.

The two of them left the car and went home.

The moment they reached home, Yelena started pestering him.

They had only been away for five days, yet Yelena made it seem like it was goodbye forever.

Yelena hugged Jay tight and refused to let him go.

She was truly his lover in her past life.

Zoe pushed their luggage cases in and went straight to Jay’s room.

Since they had decided to start anew, there was no need for her to put up pretenses.

She unlocked Jay and her luggage cases and began unpacking.

As she was halfway through, Jay entered the room in his wheelchair.

Zoe was surprised. ‘Yelena was willing to let you go?”

“Are you jealous?” Jay blurted.

Zoe immediately refuted, ‘Am I so immature as to get jealous over a three year old girl?’

‘I wish you would,” Jay mumbled to himself.

Zoe stared at him.

“Do you need my help?” Jay changed the subject.


“Then I’ll go and take a shower.”

“Go ahead.”

“Do you need a bath?”

“Are you inviting me to join you?” Zoe said with raised brows.

Jay was stunned for a moment.

His face blushed.

He immediately explained himself, “I meant that getting a shower would make you feel more
comfortable after an entire day’s journey. If you’d like to take a shower first, I’ll let you.”

Zoe knew what Jay meant.

She was just joking with him.

But his eagerness to explain himself upset her.

“So you don’t want to shower with me,” Zoe concluded.

Jay immediately lost his cool. “No-no, I’m just afraid you won’t be willing. Of course I’d love to shower
with you. Which man can reject a woman’s advances…”

“Are you saying that as long as a woman takes the initiative, you wont reject her?” Zoe’s face darkened
with displeasure, 1

He was making things worse for himself!

“Hah, men!’ Zoe sneered.

She picked up her clothes, entered the bathroom and got ready for her bath.

Just as the door was about to close, a large pair of hands blocked the frame.

Zoe furrowed her brows.

“I think I should show you by my actions that you’re the only woman I cannot reject!”

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