Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 969

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Before Zoe could respond, she was hauled up in Jay’s arms.

“Ah!” Zoe yelled, her heart thumping wildly. “What are you doing, Jay?”

‘Taking a shower.”

“Let me go. Shower by yourself.” Zoe struggled against his hold.

“You said that I rejected having a shower with you just now.’

“I regret saying that now.”

“Too late.”

Jay carried Zoe straight into the bathroom.

She did not understand how a disabled man who needed to be in a wheelchair to get around could be
so strong?!

She had no strength at all to resist him.

The door to the shower was shut and locked.

Jay asked, ’Are you going to take off your own clothes or shall I help you?”

Zoe stared at Jay.

Was he being serious?

Had he not always… been reserved and restrained?

She remembered that when they were still living with the Levines back then. She had always been
rejected by him when she threw herself at him.

Yet now, was he deciding not to put up an act any longer?!

Zoe suddenly smiled flirtatiously at him.

“I’ll do it myself.”

Jay’s heart leapt.

He would never think of letting her off today.

They were a legally married couple and there were many things they could do that would be well within
the law.

What was the point of shortchanging himself?

In fact, he felt that if he were to continue holding himself back, he would implode.

Nevertheless, Zoe’s eagerness still made him slightly anxious.

He did not have much experience in this and was afraid he could not satisfy Zoe.

The last time they did it was a few years ago.

Things happened so fast that they did not even have time to cuddle the next morning before he had to

And then… here they were now.

Zoe stood up from Jay’s embrace.

She stood not far from him, then…

Jay swallowed.

Zoe’s eyes shifted. “Are you going to shower with your clothes on?”

Jay snapped back to attention and looked straight at Zoe, completely forgetting that he had to remove
his own clothes too.

“Or do you need my help?” Zoe smirked.

“No,” Jay said with a tinge of anxiety in his voice.

Why did it suddenly seem like Zoe had become the one taking the lead?

Jay tried to remain calm.

He kept taking deep breaths, and the two of them simply looked at each other for a long while.

Their faces were flushed red.

Then, Zoe leaned in to Jay.

Jay’s heart beat faster.

He felt as if he could not catch his breath.

He saw Zoe’s svelte fingers caressing his skin.

It felt warm to the touch.

It made Jay’s body tremble involuntarily.

He clenched his fists, not daring to move an inch.

He was afraid that if he did, everything would go out of control.

He felt that he should still respect Zoe.

If she were not willing, he would hold himself back, even if he could feel his heart and everything else in
his body on the verge of imploding.

“Were these from the accident?” Zoe asked.

Jay was stunned.

He then realized that Zoe noticed the ugly scars on his body.


After the accident, aside from becoming crippled, there were many scars left on his body. His face was
scarred too, but he underwent facial scar removal surgery and recovered from it.

There were just too many scars on his body.

His body was all covered in them and it was hard to remove them all.

What was more, his heart had died at that point. With his disabled body in tow, he did not dare harbor
hopes for Zoe.

Even when he finally mustered up the courage to call Zoe, he found that her number was no longer in
service and it completely dashed all hopes. So, since his heart was dead, why would he care about his

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