Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 970

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He had to remove the scars on his face in consideration of his career in the entertainment industry and
the fact that he still had to appear on TV at times.

Otherwise, he would not have cared.

After so many years, he had long gotten used to the scars on his body. He had also forgotten that he
was no longer single right now.

He even forgot how ugly his scars on his body were.

He looked down at the part of his body that Zoe caressed and asked, “Do you detest me?”

She probably would.

Zoe placed much importance on appearances, and she had been like this from a young age.

It was during that period that John was often abroad and did not care much for Zoe as he was naturally
a cold and proud man. But each time John came back, Zoe loved to follow behind him. Nancy was
always surprised by her behavior since she had been doted upon since she was young and rarely took
the initiative to grow close to others. Nancy did not understand why Zoe liked John so much.

It was only after he asked about it that he found out that it was because Zoe found John handsome.


He even felt jealous of John for a period of time.

He was also thankful that Zoe and John were related by blood.

Subsequently, he then found out that he was also related to Zoe by blood.

Eventually, the truth was out that Zoe was not related to any of them by blood.

‘If you find it disgusting…Mm.” Jay did not finish his sentence.

He was petrified.

He felt a pair of warm and soft lips on his ugly scars.

That tender touch was like an electric current running wildly through his body.

He did not dare to breathe, fearing his dream would be shattered if he took a breath.

But this was not a dream. He could clearly feel her warmth, caressing his skin…

Jay’s fingers were trembling ever so slightly and he clenched his fists so tightly his knuckles turned

After a long while, Zoe looked up with her cheeks all flushed.

She asked, “Did it hurt a lot back then?”

“Yes, it did.”

But the pain on his body was nothing compared to the pain in his heart.

At that time, the only thing on his mind was the fact that things were over between him and Zoe.

Things ended between them before they had a chance to start.

He could not possibly reunite with her with his broken body.

Even he detested himself.

Yet now, instead of detesting him, Zoe was asking him if it hurt?

It turned out that there was a limit to how much a person could hold himself back.

He used to think that he could control himself completely when it came to Zoe.

He had overestimated himself.

He pulled Zoe back into his arms, held her face in his hands, and kissed her hard.

Zoe did not push him away.

In fact, she responded ever so tenderly.

It turned out that she was not as indifferent to him as she imagined herself to be.

Her heart ached at seeing the scars covering Jay’s body.

Her mind was filled with images of Jay lying in a pool of blood after the accident, fighting for his life…

Zoe shut her eyes.

She wrapped her arms around Jay’s neck and deepened the kiss between them…

Who would have thought that by the time Zoe woke up, it was already midnight.

Both of them returned home at around noon.

She had originally intended to take a shower, have a meal and go to bed.

In the end, she did not even get to eat.


She had no words for what had happened instead.

She wanted to move her body.

Forget it.

She would just continue lying down here like a corpse.

She really could not understand how a man’s body worked.

His leg was crippled, yet he could still move his body at will so freely. “Already awake?” A familiar, deep
voice sounded next to her.

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