Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 974

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Cordy was still unable to fall asleep after she hung up.

She didn’t mind admitting to herself that she was losing sleep because it was John and Nana’s
wedding’s tomorrow.

However, having made up her mind, she was supposed to feel relieved towards it alL.and yet, there
was still a heavy load that she couldn’t get off her chest.

Maybe it would be gone once John actually got married?

She flipped in bed and kept trying to sleep when her phone jingled with another Whatsapp text

Cordy was convinced it was Zoe, since that girl always imposed no matter the time.

However, she picked up her phone to see that it was a text from Patrick.

[Are you asleep? I’m at the capital now.]

Cordy’s heart skipped a beat-he never mentioned that before.

In fact, after the night they confirmed their relationship, they planned to go on another trip around the
capital the next day to let their feelings grow. However, he ended up returning to Rocktown early next
morning for work, and she had assumed he wasn’t coming back since he looked so busy.

And yet, he texted her to say that he arrived in the middle of the night…

Cordy quickly called him and asked, ‘Where are you? Did you just get off your flight? Do you need me
to come get you?”

On the other end, Patrick frowned. “You’re still not asleep?’

Cordy frowned too-why did he behave so much like Zoe, texting her in the middle of the night even
though he was afraid of disturbing her?

She suddenly had the feeling that Patrick and Zoe might be able to bond, and Patrick wouldn’t be
disappointed to make Zoe’s acquaintance.


‘Because John’s getting married tomorrow?”

‘Why ask if you knew the answer?” Cordy asked grumpily.

“…Ow, that hurts,” Patrick groaned miserably.

“Alright, cut it out. Where do I find you?”

’It’s fine. I asked your cousin to give me a ride.”

Cordy was a little speechless-since when did those two become such good friends?

“To be honest, he wouldn’t have done it, but I told him that I’ll wake you if he didn’t,” Patrick said

Cordy had the feeling that Patrick was always making Sean notice him; she could even hear Sean
growling in annoyance from the other end. ‘ But you woke her anyway.”

“Come on, cuz! I didn’t wake her-she can’t sleep because she missed her old flame,” Patrick explained,
a little angry.

Sean said nothing, probably because he didn’t want to provoke Sean.

Cordy couldn’t be bothered to explain further either and said, “I’ll be waiting. ■

’Okay. We’ll be back in half an hour.”

She put on some clothes after hanging up, and went downstairs to the living area to wait for Patrick and

Both of them returned in around half an hour, with Patrick charging straight at her to give me a bear
hug the moment he saw her.

Cordy could see Sean frowning beside them, before quietly leaving.

“Why did you suddenly come here?” Cordy studied Patrick after pulling away. She could see that he
was exhausted from head to toe.

Lately, he had been running back and forth to Rocktown and the capital because of her. Yet, he
remained thrilled nonetheless. ‘How could I not be here? It’s your ex’s wedding tomorrow-1 have to be
here to back you up. Also, we could get married tomorrow just to mess with him, but I guess you’re not
going to say yes.’

When Cordy said nothing, Patrick wilted again. ‘I’m so sleepy, Cordy.”

“Come on. I’ll take you to your room,” she said, though she felt a warmth on her chest thanks to him.

She definitely had to attend John and Nana’s wedding because of the relationship between the
Cranstons and the Lynds…along with various other vital issues.

Plus, she had to admit that she was n.ove.lx.o hoping for someone to depend on.

Patrick was truly a good man.

As Cordy walked him to his room, his weariness all too visible, she didn’t need imagination to tell that
he must’ve worked day and night just to make time for her.

Out of the blue, she stood on her toes and planted a gentle kiss on his cheek. “Thank you.”

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