Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 971

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Zoe turned to find Jay’s handsome face, enlarged right in front of her.

“What time is it?” she asked, her own voice leaving herself stunned.

What on earth happened to her voice?! It sounded so grating, just like nails on a chalkboard!

Jay couldn’t help chuckling, clearly teasing her.

“Don’t laugh!” Zoe snapped angrily, but it only made her voice even funnier.

Jay couldn’t stop himself from laughing even harder at that.

Unable to take it, Zoe clamped a hand over his mouth-now, he can laugh all he wanted!

At the same time, she wondered who the devil made her like this…

Meanwhile, Jay forced himself to calm down after Zoe silenced him; however, he couldn’t resist kissing
her palm.

The warm and wet touch prompted Zoe to let go of him immediately-he may not be skilled, but he was
nonetheless occasionally bewitching.

“Sorry. I was the reason you lost your voice,” Jay apologized earnestly.

Zoe rolled her eyes-he was clearly not forgiven, especially since he went further despite her rejection,
until she broke her voice.

“I’ll restrain myself next time.”


Zoe rolled her eyes again-they only did it twice, but restraint was something he never showed.

Those who didn’t know better would’ve thought he had been single forever! Nonetheless, that thought
left Zoe’s heart skipping a beat; suddenly, she remembered Jay’s answer to the director’s interview.

That he popped his cherry with her.

Even if Jay did insist that he wasn’Jt lying, she never took it to heart since she believed otherwise-that
it was impossible.

Now, however, she suddenly believed him a little.

That he had no other women other than her.

“Hungry?” Jay asked her just then, intent on changing the topic of conversation since he was clearly
guilty about his self-indulgence.

Zoe came to her senses, but she had gone without lunch or dinner-it would be weird if she wasn’t.

“Just wait here. I’ll bring some food,” Jay said, struggling a little to get out of bed.

“I’ll go,” Zoe said, getting up-her body felt a little limp, but Jay was still a disabled person.

Nonetheless, Jay refused. “Stay here. I’ll go”

“Your leg would make it inconvenient.”

“Taking care of you isn’t a problem.”

Zoe stopped resisting-he could do whatever they like, even if it was suffering because of his vanity.

And the thought of how ridiculous he had been in bed…

Well, that was no surprise; men were different creatures in and out of bed.

After Jay left the bedroom, Zoe had to struggle to push herself up, and forced herself to sit up and lean
against the headboard.

She picked up the phone she placed beside her. At that moment, she remembered that Cordy
promised to tell her a secret once she was done shooting.

Recalling it served to make her more eager. She quickly texted Cordy on Whatsapp. [Filming’s over,

It was already one in the morning over there, and Zoe regretted it as soon as she sent the text-Cordy
must be asleep at this hour.

Nonetheless, Cordy’s reply arrived the next instant, and she sounded perplexed. [It ended this late?]

Zoe felt a little guilty-she would never dare tell Cordy that she only remembered the latter after doing
the deed!

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