Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 972

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Zoe quickly changed the subject. [Still up this late?]

Cordy replied: [Why’d you text me if you knew it’s late?]

Zoe was suddenly stumped, though Cordy soon sent another reply to answer the question. [I’m in bed.
Just haven’t fallen asleep.]

Zoe exposed Cordy right then. [Because Lucas is marrying Nana Lynd tomorrow.]

[It has nothing to do with them. I’m chronically insomniac.]



Zoe didn’t press the issue. [Fair enough. So what’s the secret?]

Cordy didn’t reply, however, and Zoe was left restless-she was always rash, while Cordy was always

Someday, that woman would kill her.

Still, Zoe’s phone started ringing with a call just as she started to draft another text.

Zoe quickly answered. “Cordy?”

On the other end, Cordy frowned. “What happened to your voice?”

Huh. She forgot that she had lost her voice.

“Do you have a cold?” Cordy pressed.


“Then how did your voice get so hoarse?”


Why Zoe was unsure how to explain, Cordy asked, “Wait, don’t tell me… Jay made you scream that
hard, huh?”

Honestly, one wouldn’t have the luxury of secrets when they had such a smart friend!

“Well, congratulations.” Cordy seemed to confirm her own hunch before Zoe could speak.

“Can I just mention that I’m actually hurting?”


“I mean…” Zoe couldn’t help complaining.

They were supposed to be talking about Cordy’s troubles, but it somehow became about her again.

And to make things worse, she had to talk in that cracked voice of hers!

Nonetheless, Cordy was speechless after listening to Zoe’s story, who finished with a question, “Am I
being too demanding?”

“No,” Cordy said quickly. “But I think you can afford to be more proactive too.”

“Have you tried that before?”

“Never had the chance.”

“Makes sense. You’ve always been single.”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you, Zoe. I’m in a relationship now,” Cordy said.

“What?!” Zoe cried out in surprise, finally remembering just then that she was going to find out about
Cordy’s secret.

However, that secret was a little too much for her, and she asked gingerly,” You said you’re in a
relationship? Not with Lucas, is it?”


“Patrick Stuart?”


Zoe sighed heavily, and Cordy asked, “Do you have something to say about him?”

Zoe couldn’t help rambling long-windedly. ‘Not really, but it’s just a shame… Cordy, I really think that
Lucas is John. What’s going to happen to him if you’re dating Patrick Stuart? He might faint from

“I did my best,” Cordy replied. “It didn’t work.”

“What are you talking about?”

“It’s never happening between us.”


“That’s just it,” Cordy said, cutting Zoe short.

Zoe bit her lip-Cordy had always been ridiculously rational, and would never do anything rash.

“Alright, congratulations,” Zoe said, giving in. It was Cordy after all, and she must’ve thought things
through before deciding.

Zoe should be wishing Cordy well instead of harassing the latter over her personal preferences.

“Once everything’s settled in the capital, Patrick and I will come back to buy you and Jay dinner,” Cordy
said, her tone clearly pleased.

Zoe nodded feebly. “Alright. I’ll be waiting.”

“Now go to bed. Give your voice time to recover and then keep at it.’ Zoe blushed, embarrassed.

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