Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 976

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Patrick snapped, ‘ What, do you kiss only after you’re married? What, are you from ancient times,

‘ I don’t know,” Sean replied flatly. “All I know is that you don’t get to do it here in my house as long as
you’re not married.”

Patrick almost had a stroke right then. “Look, man-“

Sean, however, simply ignored Patrick and firmly pulled his hand off Cordy, who was watching
everything in silence. She could see that Patrick could jump from sheer frustration.

Even so, Sean added threateningly, “Watch yourself if you don’t want to get kicked out of my house.”

Patrick gritted his teeth, clearly withholding the hissy fit he was just about to let loose.

Cordy couldn’t help smiling as she watched that reaction; she always had the feeling that Patrick was
completely powerless when he was around Sean-as if Sean had Patrick grabbed by the balls.

“Go to bed,” Sean repeated sternly at Cordy, scowling.

Cordy glanced at Patrick, worried that he would blow up right then and there; however, Sean promptly
stood in front of her.

As such, even she couldn’t do anything about it since Sean had made up his mind.

“I’m going to bed now,” she told Patrick mildly. “You should do it soon too.”

“Okay,” Patrick replied through clenched teeth.

As she turned to leave, she could hear Patrick snapping viciously at Sean,”

You can’t stand me or something, man?! Tell me if you can’t, and let me beat some sense into you!”

“You’re nuts,” Sean replied coolly. “Go to bed right now.”

“I refuse. Let’s fight—hey!”

Patrick suddenly yelped, and a startled Cordy quickly turned around-she presumed that they would just
be up to their usual arguing, but if they were getting physical…

However, all she was was Sean picking up Patrick and carrying him over his shoulder.

No matter how Cordy looked at it, the gesture was exceedingly intimate.

“Let me down, you-“

Patrick started rambling on a series of expletives, though after Sean carried him into the room, she
heard him yelping in fright, “Watch it! Don’t drop me…!”

Cordy decided that she might be worrying over nothing, and started towards her room again.

She was sure there was nothing that time could not mend, and that many things would be out of mind
and forgotten eventually…

The next day, Cordy woke up feeling a little tired.

The ruckus last night left her losing sleep and drowsy. She could see how tired she was from the mirror.

She washed up nonetheless, and soon heard an urgent knocking on her door.

She quickly opened it, and to no surprise, saw that it was Patrick.

How on earth did he survive in the political arena with that constant impetuous attitude of his, she

And to think that he seemed so composed and matured when she first knew him.

But when she really got to know him, it turned out that he was really too carefree.

“It’s way too early in the morning. Why aren’t you sleeping in?” she asked, grouchy.

“We’re going shopping.”

Cordy was speechless. After a while, she said, “Wake up already! We have a wedding to attend.”

“Which is why we should go shopping.”


“Come on.” Patrick took her hand, denying her the chance to refuse and started leading her outside.

“Hold on, Patrick. At least let me get changed…”

“You don’t have to.”

“What are you up to this time?”

“You’d find out soon enough.”

And with that, Patrick dragged her into one of the Cranston family’s luxury sedans while she was still in
her pajamas.

What on earth was he up to?!

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