Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 978

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Patrick grinned. “So? Do you think we’re a perfect fit for one another?”

Before Cordy could answer, the store assistant nearby promptly praised them sycophantically, ‘Of
course, Mr. Stuart! You and Miss Sachs are a match made in heaven-no one deserves each other
more than you two!”

Patrick was obviously delighted from the obvious fawning, and there was no hiding the dazzling smile
on his face.

Later, Cordy was escorted by the store’s staff to the makeup station, while Patrick took a seat on a
nearby couch and waited.

While others would be killing time by fiddling with their phones or reading something, Patrick was
resting his chin on one hand as he stared straight at Cordy.

…As if worried she would disappear in the blink of an eye.

The staff who were helping Cordy with her makeup were getting embarrassed from his stare, and
couldn’t help teasing, “Are you that afraid we’d abduct Miss Sachs, sir?”

Cordy blushed, and snapped a little grumpily, “Could you keep your eyes to yourself, Patrick?”

“You’re mine, so technically I am,” Patrick replied, as if it made perfect sense. “I hadn’t even looked at
other women at all, y’know.”

The staff all had a good amused chuckle, while Cordy was so embarrassed she could kill herself right
on the spot.

It took a long while for her makeup to finally be completed, and she strode up to him with lithe grace up
to Patrick, smiling at him.

Patrick thought she would be the death of him-how could any woman

look as beautiful as her? It was almost criminal!

“Let’s go,” Cordy said, putting a hand around his arm.

It was just the right time to leave and attend the wedding, anyway.

However, Patrick wasn’t moving.

“What’s wrong?” Cordy asked him.

“I think my legs just caved,” he replied.


“I’m on my knees, in awe of your beauty.”

“Patrick,” Cordy snapped, though she was blushing in embarrassment as well in front of so many

“I’m not joking,” Patrick replied with a wounded look.

“Fine, I’ll change out of this gown.”

“No!” Patrick stopped her right then.

“So? Are we going or not?”

Patrick rubbed his nose and left the shopping complex with Cordy, and returned to the sedan.

Inside, Cordy received a call from Sean, who asked, “Are you heading to the hotel right now?”

“No, we just returned to the car at the shopping complex. We’ll be going there now.”

“Me too. I’ll be bringing ‘Grandfather” along as well.”

“See you at the entrance?”

“It’s fine. Just follow Patrick—I’ll meet you there.”

“Alright,” Cordy replied. She didn’t forget to remind Sean, “Watch out.”

“You too,” Sean told her. “Don’t worry, though. I’ve planted our people on the inside.”

“Of course,” Cordy replied, and hung up.

“What are you up to with Sean?” Patrick couldn’t help asking. “Are you really going to steal a

Cordy rolled her eyes at him, and he breathed a sigh of relief. “Wow, you gave me quite the scare. I
mean, even if you wanted to dump me, that’s too quick even if I’m cannon fodder.”

Cordy’s heart ached out of the blue, catching her off guard.

So Patrick was always ready for the possibility that she would dump him, even as he dated her?

Does he feel that insecure?

She reached out to hold his hand and gave it a gentle squeeze, which only shocked him further.

Nonetheless, she said, “I’ll always stay with you as long as you don’t leave me.”

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