Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 980

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Someone else added, ‘That’s right. Let old Jesse rest. His health is of utmost importance.”

Sean nodded, and wheeled ‘Jesse’ into a lounge reserved forthem. He then spotted Cordy and shot
her a knowing look.

Cordy hurried to his side, while everyone else in the banquet watched in slight surprise.

How did she manage to get in Sean’s good graces?!

Once they were inside and ensured that no one was eavesdropping, Sean told Cordy, “Jean will
definitely come by to visit Jesse. Play along when the time comes.”

“Okay.” Cordy nodded. Then she asked, “Is Dicky going to be alright at Cranston Hall?”

She had her boy stay there since something might happen today, as she refused to put him in potential

“Don’t worry,” Sean assured her. “My people are watching him.”

■ Right.” Cordy nodded.

Silence ensued, until someone suddenly opened the door.

Jean then entered, escorted by the rest of her family.

She began slowly, “Jesse…”

“I’m sorry, ma’am,” Sean said, standing between her and ‘Jesse’. “The doctors said that Grandfather
isn’t in his best shape right now, so we shouldn’t have too many people surrounding him. It may stress

him and cause him difficulties in breathing.”

Jean understood Sean’s intention immediately, and gestured at the others, “Go on, greet our guests. I’ll
speak to my brother alone.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

The Lynds filed out of the lounge, just as Sean shot Cordy a lok.

She nodded slightly and pushed ‘Jesse’ up to Jean, who hacked violently just as they reached her.

Jean appeared deeply worried and concerned. “What’s wrong, Jesse?

You’re already discharged, but you don’t look well at all…”

‘ Again, apologies.” Sean stopped her from reaching for the fake Jesse’s hand. “I couldn’t tell you just
now-or anyone else, honestly. Grandfather’s lungs have been infected by a virus. He mostly recovered
at the hospital, but the doctors told us there’s still a risk of infection.”

“I’m not worried,” Jean said quickly.

“I understand, but Grandfather really wouldn’t want you to catch it from him, ” Sean countered. “You
should keep your distance if you want to talk, especially since you’re not that young either. It’s fine for
someone young and healthy to take the risk, but the elderly shouldn’t-Grandfather himself being a point
in case. The doctors had to operate on him multiple times, and let’s not forget how long he had to stay
at the hospital.”

Jean was actually slightly terrified by Sean’s warning.

Even if she didn’t show it, it was obvious that she was scared as she kept glancing backwards to see
that the doors and windows weren’t closed.

Nonetheless, she said, “I didn’t know it was that serious, Jesse. I wouldn’t have insisted that you come

“Nana’s wedding is-ahem!” Jesse kept coughing endlessly, though it was just a disguise to hide his

“It’s alright, you don’t have to talk,” Jean told him quickly. “I’m already so glad you can make it.”

‘Jesse’ waved her off, indicating that it was a necessary gesture.

Jean then added, “Anyway, the wedding will start soon, so I’m going out to see how they are doing.
Wait here for me-l’ll come by later.”

‘Jesse’ nodded, while continuing to cough violently.

Jean couldn’t help taking a step back in turn, obviously terrified of getting infected.

‘Well then, I’ll be going now,” Jean said, and left immediately.

Cordy and Sean shared a smile.

That was all too easy.

“I should go too,” Cordy said. “Nana prepared a special seat for me, just beneath the stage.”

Sean raised a brow. ‘Are you sure you want to witness it with your own eyes?”

“Just keeping Patrick company.”

Bearing witness to John’s wedding was just an afterthought.

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