Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 984

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That was why the crowd felt sympathetic towards Nana.

’Last but not least, I must thank my husband, Lucas,” Nana continued.

She said the words ‘my husband’ with apparent love, but John merely watched her quietly, pursing his
lips as he did so.

“I never believed in love, and was convinced that only my family would love me in this life. I also
believed that I had no right to love, what with my poor health…until the day I met you. That’s when I
found out that I can be loved too, and was capable of loving someone so much. You complete me, and
I’m thankful you came into my life.”

Nana’s eyes welled with tears as she finished; it was an especially moving sight as it glinted against the

John’s Adam’s apple shifted, but he remained silent nevertheless.

At the same time, Nana spoke through her tears, “You are my world, Lucas.

I love you… So, so much.”

Earnest, sentimental declarations of love always stole hearts, do they not?

And it had to be a frail girl who couldn’t stop her tears.

Even so, John never responded until the emcee prompted him. “Such stirring words from your bride…
Don’t you have anything to say, Lucas?”

John remained silent, leaving the scene rather awkward.

Nonetheless, the emcee was experienced enough to smooth things over and quickly said, “Our
bridegroom must be too emotional, he’s worried he’d cry as soon as he speaks. But that’s fine-it’s his
big day, so let’s give him more time and encouragement!”

He certainly stirred the crowd, and they clapped for him while a staff member quickly handed John a

John slowly took it, and told Nana, “I’m lucky to have you.”

Nana’s tears streamed out of the corner of her eyes.

Tears of bliss were certainly a beautiful thing…

At the same time, a teardrop trickled out of Cordy’s eye too.

She couldn’t control it, and it came without warning-it was only when she noticed it that she realized
that she was crying.

It was ironic considering how many times she repeated that she was over John, that she didn’t love him
anymore…only to lose composure when she faced the harsh reality.

Nonetheless, a warm large hand wiped the tear and the stain off her cheek.

Noticing that, Cordy immediately mumbled, “I’m sorry.”

She was certainly apologetic, finding herself a right scumbag-how could she shed tears for another
man in front of her boyfriend?

Nonetheless, Patrick told her solemnly, “I’m lending you my shoulder for two minutes-you only get to
mount him for two minutes.”

Cordy stared at him blankly in turn, and he corrected himself when he saw the look in her eyes. “Fine,
you can have another three minutes. That’s a grand total of five minutes, y’know.”

Cordy laughed despite hertears-how could he be so petty?

“Wait, why are you laughing? You’re scaring me, Cordy-“

Cordy had already thrown herself into his arms before he could finish, hiding her head in his chest.

He could pick out the faint, fresh scent her body carried.

It wasn’t perfume, but the scent only her body carried.

He held her in turn, and said, “Today’s the last time you cry for him. You’re forbidden from crying for
anyone from now on-not even me. Because I’ll always make you smile.”


She was certain Patrick would only bring her happiness from now on.

And this was the last time she cried for John Levine.

Henceforth, they would just be strangers…

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