Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 982

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Nana strode down the carpet with her hand linked around her father’s.

She was smiling beautifully-a pretty sight under the tender radiance.

Naturally, everyone in the banquet hall was watching them, as Nana’s father clapped John on the
shoulder and passed Nana’s hand to him.

John nodded respectfully, and took Nana’s father’s place as the man walked away.

Nana smiled sweetly as she wrapped her hand around John’s; she slowly strode towards the stage
together in the accompaniment of fanfare and flower petals raining from overhead.

Even as the air seemed to swirl with the scent of romance and bliss, Cordy watched with clear

Patrick was watching too, but he would glance worriedly at Cordy from time to time.

Noting the deep crease on her brow, he told her, “Don’t look if you dont want to. It’s not that interesting.’

He seemed dead sure Cordy still felt upset about the wedding, until he heard her say, “You’re hurting
my hand.”

Startled, Patrick promptly released her hand, while Cordy smiled silently.

Naturally, she didn’t really blame him for it either, and even explained, “I’m fine. I only came because I
was mentally prepared for this.”

“Well, why am I getting so upset?” Patrick growled through his teeth.

Cordy couldn’t help flashing a tender, gorgeous smile at his reaction.

John, who was passing them again with Nana, just happened to see that smile.

The banquet hall was very dark, but just as the spotlight shone upon him and Nana, they had a clear
view of those immediately around them.

And the instant John saw Cordy smiling, Nana saw him watching Cordy.

She had immediately sensed him behaving strangely, too.

Naturally, she was the one who arranged for Cordy to be seated right below the stage so that Cordy
had a clear will of her grand, blissful wedding with Lucas.

Despite her spiteful payback against Cordy, she immediately saw how grandly Cordy was dressed for
the occasion.

There was no question that Cordy’s beauty was breathtaking-even Nana herself was stunned, let alone

Cordy’s beauty was certainly a delight to behold, but for Nana, it sent her into a panic.

She suddenly regretted letting Cordy sit right beneath the stage. Hell, she was surprised by the other
women’s spitefulness!

Cordy must’ve dressed like that to steal the limelight from her, didn’t she?!

While Nana’s attention was focused on Cordy, John’s was on Cordy’s smile at Patrick.

Suddenly, Nana’s body seemed to turn limp. However, John caught her in his arms almost by instinct.

She was still enfeebled-the doctors were repeatedly insisting that she not push herself even when she
was getting discharged.

In fact, they had a medical team ready at the hotel, prepared to operate on her in case of emergencies.

Even the consequences from a fall like that would have been unthinkable, and it certainly drew many
gasps from some of the guests in the banquet hall.

Cordy was naturally drawn towards them because of her curiosity as well, but she only turned to find
John and Nana caught intimately in each other’s arms.

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