Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 987

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John frowned; Nana clearly sensed his displeasure, but refused to let go of his neck anyway.

“We’re a lawfully married couple now, Lucas,” she said.

“Quit messing around. I need to tend to our guests soon.” John tried to push her away, his impatience

“Yes, you can do it soon. It won’t take that long…” Nana retorted, staring at him fixedly in the eyes.

“Don’t play around. The doctor insisted you shouldn’t do anything taxing.”

“I don’t care.”

“But I do,” John breathed, very slowly and clearly.

Nana beamed, clearly elated by his words. “So you love me? You don’t want me to die?”

“Yeah,” John replied, though that was only because he knew all too well that he wasn’t going to survive
if Nana died anyway.

“Let me go,’ he told her again. “I’m going to drop on you.”

“Are you sure you would?” Nana asked, still refusing to let go. “And aren’t you tired, holding yourself
up? There’s no body contact between us at all.”

“I’m afraid you’d get hurt. The doctor said you cant afford any mishaps, given your condition.’

Nana raised a brow. “Is that right? But are you really worried for me, or are you just keeping your

“Your health is more important.”

“You’re not answering the question, Lucas.”

“To me, your health is more important than anything else,” John said very slowly and clearly.

“Fine.” Nana didn’t press the issue, since she was never going to get the answer she wanted. “How
about a kiss?”

John simply pursed her lips in turn.

“You’re not laying a finger on me, let alone having sex with me. But can’t we at least kiss now that
we’re married?” Nana pressed, her tone dead serious.

John simply stood there, gulping.

When she wasn’t getting a response, Nana became demanding.’I want you to kiss me, Lucas.”

He remained still, and Nana’s tears welled in her eyes right then.

So, he’s choosing abstinence for Cord/s sake? Is he really refusing to touch her even though they were
lawfully wedded?

Nana gritted her teeth, keeping her arms firmly around John’s neck and pulling herself towards him to
kiss her.

However, just as she was about to reach his lips, John pulled away and left without hesitation, leaving
her alone on the oversized bed.

“Lucas!” she shrieked at him from the back.

“I’m tending to our guests. I’ll be back soon,” John simply said, and left without further explanation.

The spite in Nana’s eyes was all too obvious as he left indifferently.

She refused to believe that John would still be abstinent once Cordy was dead!

Once John stepped out of the bridal suite, his cold expression finally revealed the fury he had been
trying his best to restrain.


He punched the wall viciously, the dull hit echoing in the quiet walkway.

The punch left his knuckles red and swollen,but he kept it clenched as if he felt no pain.

Though the fury in his eyes was restrained after the punch, it wasn’t fading at all…

That is, until the fire alarm blared all over the hotel. The sudden sound left him momentarily stunned.

What on earth was going on?

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