Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 988

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At the very next instant, John watched as stewards in the hotel appeared on the floor and knocked on
every door, crying, ’There’s a fire in the banquet hall! Please leave your room with us immediately for

As their voices echoed repeatedly, the doors opened. Everyone was in shock by the unexpected fire.

The banquet hall was on the first floor, and the fire there might have spread upstairs if it was bad
enough-if the firefighters could not stop the fire in time, naturally.

Nonetheless, the walkway was a sight of confusion as the guests ran out of their rooms.

“What’s going on? Why is there a fire? What if it spreads up here? Are we going to die?!” someone
asked loudly.

The scene was even more confusing.

However, one of the hotel staff quickly calmed things down. “There’s no need for panic! There’s a fire
escape that goes straight outside, and you just have to follow our directions. The firefighters have
already been informed. They’ll stop the spreading fire soon and keep everyone safe.”

“Well, where’s the fire escape? Let’s go already!”

“This way, sir!” The staff members began to evacuate the crowd in a tense but orderly manner.

At the same time, John had already returned to the hotel room and scooped Nana off the bed.

She leaned against his arms, but scoffed coyly, “I thought you weren’t coming back. You wouldn’t be
shackled if I died, you know…”

John said nothing-he was becoming ever quieter around her these days.

To tell the truth, there was a split second when he considered not returning. However, his rationality
ultimately trumped his emotions.

He knew very well that he would get killed if Nana died in the fire.

Even if he refused to save her, the Lynds were prepared to throw as many bodies as they could in the
fire just to save her anyway.

And right now, he couldn’t take any risks.

He evacuated along with the panicking crowd, while Nana stopped gloating because she sensed how
taxing it was for him to run while carrying her.

Everyone soon arrived at the vast helipad up on top of the hotel, with several helicopters already
landing there waiting.

Since they were the first group of guests who arrived, they safely boarded one of the helicopters under
the directions of the hotel staff. After ferrying the guests to a safe place outside the hotel, the helicopter
would return to the helipad to ferry the next group of guests.

But after they landed and John took Nana to the Lynds’ car, he didn’t leave the hotel with her.

“Where are you going, Lucas?” Nana was yelling at him again.

“The fire broke out in our wedding hall. I’ll find out what happened and handle the aftermath. Your
health’s already so poor-get home and get some rest.”

“Are you sure you’re not just going to check if Cordy is safe?!’ Nana exposed him right then.

John, however, ignored her and left without a word.

He simply didn’t care what she thought.

Nana’s eyes were glaring viciously, burning with hatred-Cordy was definitely going to die!

This was their own fault!

If Lucas hadn’t fallen for Cordy…

If Cordy didn’keep bugging Lucas relentlessly…

She wouldn’t have to do anything so drastic!

It was their fault for upsetting her!

Naturally, Nana didn’t tell the chauffeur to take her home-she would personally witness Lucas wishing
he was dead when he saw Cordy’s cold, dead corpse!

Back at the banquet hall, Cordy was ready to leave after using the toilet.

Sean already told her that they could leave after informing Jean, and they would be able to do so if no
surprises lay in wait.

However, she had just gotten up when she noticed someone locked the door to her cubicle from the

She immediately felt a pang of deja vu, and her danger senses tingled in warning.

She remembered how Noel tried to have her burnt alive once in the past, having set a fire to sabotage
her wedding…


Cordy refused to go through the same experience again!

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