Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 990

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The hotel staff evacuating the banquet hall intercepted Patrick. “There’s a fire, sir! It’s dangerous here.
Please come with us and leave through the fire exit.’

“There’s still someone in the toilet! I have to reach her!” Patrick cried out urgently, immediately going
physical against the staff and shoving him aside to rush in the ladies room.

“Sir, don’t worry,” the staff caught him nonetheless. “There’s nothing to worry about. We have
professional rescuers evacuating everyone right now, just leave the rest to us for your own safety.”

“Move! I’m going by myself!” Patrick’s eyes were almost red in urgency right now, Cordy’s safety was far
more important!

She was alone in the ladies’ room, and her leg was still hurt.

If help didn’t reach her in time…

The thought only sent Patrick into a panicked frenzy; he ignored the staffs discouragement to push the
latter away as hard as he could, and dashed straight to the ladies’ room without a pause.


The staff chased after him, but Patrick was already running.

He was very determined, all while hoping that Cordy already left through the fire escape after finding
out about the fire…

Even so, he didn’t mind the thought of risking himself for nothing as he ran towards the ladies room.

He would do anything to make sure she was safe!

However, he was so preoccupied with Cordy that as he reached the ladies’ room, he never noticed a
burly man suddenly rushing up to him and striking the back of his head, catching him off guard.

Patrick was out like a candle even before he realized what happened. The same burly man picked him
up, carrying him and striding through the burning banquet hall to leave in no time at all.

Outside the banquet hall, John was rushing through the crowd as he looked for Cordy.

The fire was serious, but the hotel staff had been trained constantly on evacuating the building in case
of emergencies. Thus, they managed to get everyone safely without issue.

John, however, never saw Cordy-even though she was supposed to stand out among the crowd.

It wasn’t just her either-none of the Cranstons were in sight.

A foreboding sensation seized his heart immediately, and he had a hunch right then that this fire was
no accident.

Even so, he worked hard to keep himself calm and look everywhere for Cordy.

He then saw a big man carrying Patrick out of the banquet hall, but Cordy wasn’t with Patrick.

He knew there was no way Patrick would leave alone-especially when the fire was this serious.

And the fact that Patrick was unconscious when no one else was choking from the smoke only made
things more suspicious.

John didn’t hesitate, and snuck into the banquet hall while no one else was watching.

It seemed everyone had been evacuated; there was no one else in the hall, which was now fully ablaze
with plenty of objects falling from the ceiling.

The air was as scalding as it was smothering, but John didn’t care and charged straight to the ladies

Cordy was there the last time he saw her, and Patrick must have been separated from her because she
was there.

There was every chance that she was still in there, or she would have been at Cordy’s side.

In fact, even before he entered the ladies’ room, he could hear the banging from inside.

His heart skipped a beat-he truly hoped n.ovëlx.o Cordy wasn’t there!

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